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How to Manage Maths Anxiety

Maths Anxiety? What is that? As with anything new, students may struggle with learning the fundamentals of math.  The difficulty of learning even basic concepts can lead to feeling overwhelmed.  Those feelings can compound and manifest both psychologically and physically.  They can cause headaches, issues with concentration, memory strain, and feeling anxious. Math anxiety can cause children to […]

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Battle of the Maths Methods: Mastery Versus Spiral

 When it comes to deciding upon an approach to teaching maths, thoughtful homeschooling parents and educators take the time to research all of the options, consider their individual children and students, and make the decision that is best for their own classroom. If you’ve done the research, then you understand how lively those discussions about […]

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Is it OK for Students to Use Calculators?

Do you consider calculators to be a great help or a hindrance for students learning maths concepts and applications? When I was growing up, I was barely allowed to use a calculator.  My grandfather was “old school”, and believed that it would make me lazy.  Years and several technological advancements later, I’m very grateful to […]

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What is Maths Mastery?

“Maths mastery is an approach to mathematics education which is based on mastery learning in which most students are expected to achieve a high level of competence before progressing.” – Wikipedia Math-U-See has embraced the idea that students learn best incrementally, with one skill building on to the next. Students will develop a thorough comprehension of […]

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Is Your Maths Curriculum Working?

For those who homeschool, picking a maths curriculum is a very big decision. Parents/teachers do all of the necessary research, they consider all of their options, and somehow make their decision. Then, for whatever reason, they start to think twice. Whether or not you’re new to homeschooling, it’s not uncommon to interrogate your choice of […]

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Homeschool 4 Real Review of Math-U-See

Homeschool4Real partnered with a homeschool mum to review the Math-U-See maths program! They reviewed the structure and features of the program. In addition to taking a good look inside the books and discussing how to use them. The overview is wrapped up with the homeschool mum’s opinion of Math-U-See. Have you used Math-U-See in your […]

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