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How can you gain the confidence to teach maths and
give your child the help with maths they need?

Enter Math-U-See

Maths Empowerment for Everyone

Maths is a keystone in all our lives. 

It helps us to navigate simple, everyday tasks like shopping, splitting a bill or doing our taxes effortlessly. But it’s also part of the deeper foundations for greater successes in our lives: our aspirations, career ambitions and life goals.

Yet many children grow up struggling to wrap their heads around maths. Abstract concepts can seem impossible to grasp when taught in ways that don’t support their unique learning style.

Struggling with maths in childhood can easily develop into a lifelong lack of confidence and enthusiasm for maths. This can impact their future capacity and willingness to learn this crucial skill.

As you look to offer them help with maths, whether through homeschooling or informally, you may also unearth some insecurities of your own with maths. You may even question how you’ll be able able to teach maths to them effectively.

Math-U-See is a multi-sensory and adaptable program that allows every child to discover maths through fun activities and hands-on learning. 

It’s effective, engaging and proven by research to support children to develop maths mastery – in exactly the way they learn best.

Math-U-See supports you—the teacher—too. The step-by-step curriculum and guiding resources take the guesswork out of maths teaching. It’s specifically designed to support parents like you - in home environments like yours.

It’s a research-based tool you can trust, filled with engaging lessons you’ll teach with total confidence.

How to Teach Maths
- Simplified

Math-U-See takes the guesswork out of maths teaching for all parents.

Irrespective of your own current level of maths understanding, Math-U-See gives you all the tools and information you’ll need to teach engaging lessons with absolute confidence. In doing so, you’ll support your child’s learning of key maths concepts and help them to achieve their own maths mastery, step-by-step.

Multi-sensory and adaptable to suit all learning styles and knowledge levels, Math-U-See offers a sequential and hands-on approach to learning maths that is in line with researcher’s “Best Practice” Recommendations. It has been proven by thousands of Australian parents and home schoolers to be incredibly effective.

And as your child’s maths confidence grows, so will yours.

Sarah, Homeschooling Parent

Being multi-sensory is a big advantage of the program. We watch the lesson, (it’s just like having a teacher in your lounge room,) and then use the manipulatives to make everything crystal clear. I recommend Math-U-See to home school friends all the time. We’ll definitely be using it till the last book.

Leisa Chamberlain, Homeschooling Parent

Maths Australia is unique. It suits all abilities and uses a fun, multi-sensory and interactive approach

Sarah HS, Homeschooling Parent

It’s is just like having an expert maths teacher in your own lounge room.

How You Support Maths Mastery
in Four Simple Steps

Teaching maths is kept simple and straightforward at every stage with Math-U-See. 

First, your child will take our exclusive Placement tests to identify the right level to begin at.

Read more about our exclusive Placement Tests.

Then, teaching every lesson follows a simple four-step process. This approach gives you all the tools needed to learn, teach and test the content of every level with total confidence. 

Math-U-See shows you how to teach every maths lesson to help them with maths at every step of their maths mastery journey.

Step 1:
Preparing to Teach

Learn how to teach each maths lesson in 5-15 minutes a day.

Concepts, activities and examples are all clearly outlined in the Math-U-See DVD lesson and lesson manual. To build your confidence, practice the lesson before you teach so you can teach each concept in a clear, concrete way with total confidence. 

Watch some example lessons here.

Step 2:
Presenting Your Lesson

Copy the DVD lesson then look out for the lightbulb moment!

Teach the lesson you learned from the DVD and add any additional tips from the Instruction Manual to bring maths concepts to life. Homeschooling with the hands-on manipulative and proven ‘build-write-say’ method, work through the exercises and watch for the moment your child begins to ‘see’ maths for themselves!

Step 3:
Practicing for Maths Mastery

Build confidence and develop proficiency through engaging maths practice.

Visual, hands-on and focused on problem-solving, every concept is practiced through a range of engaging exercises entirely relevant to real-life. Help with retaining maths concepts by practicing with patience until proficient. It’s a process that can take anywhere from one day to four weeks but you’ll have everything you need to keep your child engaged.

Step 4:
Progress after Mastery

Every student progresses at his or her own speed – one level at a time.

Finishing all the exercises is not the goal – demonstrating proficiency is! Math-U-See encourages self-paced, sequential learning through key maths concepts. This ensures clear understanding before moving on. Maths mastery and confidence is best developed this way.

What’s your next step?

Take The Placement Test to find out your child's current level of mastery, and where to begin for maths mastery.

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