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Gain the confidence to teach maths and give your child the support they need 

Many children struggle to understand maths - either the concept is taught improperly or brushed over too quickly for them to fully comprehend why and how it works. Having a homeschool maths curriculum tailored to maths mastery helps students have more of those breakthrough 'aha' moments by learning at their pace. 

Learning maths is like learning a language

When learning any new topic, we need to be introduced to it in a way that makes sense - the same way we teach other languages like English. When you learnt the word "cat", your mum or dad said "cat". Then they took you over to pat the neighbour's cat. You touched the cat, stroked its soft fur and felt what a cat is. Then you saw pictures and videos and heard stories of cats. So you spoke "c-a-t". Then finally you learned how to write "cat." Then, the next time someone said "cat", your brain linked it to your neighbour's ginger tabby with the soft fur that was warm and snuggly. The next time you saw the word "cat" written on a piece of paper, you remembered the multi sensory experience and were able to make meaning of the symbols.

The same approach needs to be used for teaching the language of maths.

Here's what research has shown to be important when teaching maths:

  • Use tools (audio, kinaesthetic or visual) to engage a child's individual learning style. 
  • Make it hands-on and multi-sensory (let them touch it and feel it in order for the brain to imprint the new learning in a much faster and more effective way).
  • Teach at your child's pace. Make sure they fully understand each topic before moving on to the next - there's no point rushing to keep up with a certain grade or age expectation. This just means you'll skip important concepts and it will be much harder to teach those concepts later when they becomes the foundation for further learning.
  • Build their confidence. Once your child has understood a topic, they'll feel encouraged. They will be engaged and want to learn more. Being confident with maths affects other subjects and areas of life. They'll want to keep going and keep achieving!

Studies have proven that teaching maths with hands-on manipulatives and easy to follow methodologies, allows for much easier understanding and retention of knowledge. By teaching your child (in a way that makes sense) it will allow them to use numbers in everyday life, from daily budgets and in-class exams to future university and careers. 

"If a child can't learn the way we teach,
we should teach the way they learn" 

Ignacio Estrada

Math-U-See supports home educating parents

No prior teaching experience required

You don't need to be a trained teacher to use Math-U-See. Every level comes with video lessons, student and teacher workbooks and solutions, so you can be confident to deliver the program accurately. We also offer training for those who want to extend their understanding of the Math-U-See approach to. really solidify how you deliver the program.

Based on mastery, not speed

If your kids are either struggling to keep up or zooming ahead of a school curriculum, Math-U-See is the perfect option for you. Our programs are not based on keeping up, they're based on mastering a topic area and then moving on to the next. As a result, children develop a deeper, more satisfying & concrete understanding of concepts.

Designed to be hands on

Our programs are multi-sensory, meaning your kids will learn maths using real objects, rather than just learning from a book and trying to conceptualise. The manipulatives (hands-on tools) are adaptable to suit all learning styles and knowledge levels, and have been proven by thousands of Australian parents and home schoolers to be incredibly effective.

Cumulative reviews built-in

The Math-U-See program has built in mechanisms to ensure that you know (and your child knows) where they're up to at any point. Maths is a sequential subject. Each concept builds on each other (you can't learn multiplication if you don't know addition and subtraction first). Plus, the testing at the end of each lesson makes sure your child has fully understood the concept that has been taught before moving on.

Based on ability level, not grade

Our free online placement tests allow you to fully understand which level is appropriate for your child regardless of their expected school grade. By teaching based on what they do and don't know, you can instead fill the gaps or accelerate them at the appropriate pace as they learn. 

Foundational through to University level 

Our levels start with Primer (a fun introduction to maths) and progress all the way through to an advanced Calculus level. Each Math-U-See level sequentially builds on the previous. As a parent teaching these concepts, each level comes with a teacher and student booklet, as well as video explainers for every lesson, so you're never left feeling out of your depth.

Aligned with the Australian Curriculum

Learning occurs, according to research and evidence-based methodology with children mastering each concept before moving on to the next, sequentially. Math-U-See therefore aligns to ACARA guidelines in a modified sequence based on mastery of each maths topic (rather than on a grade level basis). 

Complete research-backed program

Math-U-See is effective, engaging and proven by research to support children learning exactly the way they learn best, through maths mastery. Math-U-See offers a sequential and hands-on approach to learning maths that is in line with researcher’s “Best Practice” Recommendations.
You can read the research here.

What other parents say about Math-U-See

We’ve been using Math-U-See for all six of our children. I love the programs flexibility to slow down or speed up. The video instructions means the older children can move through the program independently and they have helped me refresh my own math 🙂 The manipulatives and multi-sensory approach has especially suited my five boys with their nimble fingers and need to touch everything! Honestly, we really enjoy our Maths lessons first thing every day! It's also worked for teaching multiple children at multiple levels. My older sons transitioned into high school, competent and confident in their math ability without any difficulty. I love the consistent approach across the years and mastery expectation.

Jodie Jayatilaka

I am a home educating mum of two children with very different learning styles and learning disabilities. I love that the student workbook is set out so spaciously. My kids don’t get distracted by pictures or overly crowded pages. Thankyou for making it easy for them to achieve and enjoy maths!


I’ve been using Math-U-See for many years with my three children and it has been great with teaching them all the concepts they need to know. From kindergarten and now into high school –
my kids and I love it.

Claudia Tribastoni

Your next steps

Need to know what Math-U-See level to start with?

Already know what Math-U-See level you need?

If you need to keep track of multiple students' results when taking the Placement Test, here's an easy spreadsheet to help out (this can be used for up to 10 students). You can download it here.

Quick guide: Math-U-See levels

For a more in-depth look at every level and for demonstration videos on every level, visit our levels page.


( Pre-school to Grade 8 and Intervention )


A Fun Introduction to Maths


Mastering Single Digit Addition and Subtraction


Addition and Subtraction for Multi-Digit Numbers


Multiplication for Single and Multi-Digit Numbers


Short & long Division, Solving problems with all 4 operations


Fractions, Factors, Mixed Numbers and more


Decimals, Percents and Conversions

Our 7 foundational levels focus around multi-sensory maths using manipulatives (hands-on tools) and our 4-step methodology:





Students progress through each level sequentially (left to right above) to build on the foundational principles learnt in the previous levels. For some kids, a particular level will be easy and they'll breeze through. For other kids, that same level may take a little longer. That's what's so great about Math-U-See. The layout of the program caters to any child's learning speed.

Simply take your time on the levels you're struggling with, and breeze on through if you're mastering it quickly. Each level comes with lessons and materials to make sure 'mastery' of that level has been achieved before you move on to the next.


( Grade 8 to University Level )


Order of Operations, Solving for the Unknown and more

Algebra 1

Graphing, Exponents, Unit Multipliers and more


Using Geometry to Understand Shape and Solids

Algebra 2

Factoring Polynomials, Quadratic Formula and more


Prepare for Calculus with Trigonometry and more


Derivatives, Integrals, Calculus Applications, Differential Equations, & more

As students progress into our advanced levels, the understanding developed in mastering the early Math-U-See levels form the backbone of knowledge as we move into more abstract concepts. Each level continues to sequentially build on previous mastery, all the way through to our final university-grade Calculus level.

What manipulatives do you need for each level?



Fraction Overlays






























Because our manipulatives can be used for multiple levels, you do NOT need to purchase them every year.
Simply go to the level of choice and only add the products you need to the cart.

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