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Anne Richards
Shining Stars Tutoring Centre
Ferny Hills, QLD

0418 389 335

Ferny Hills, QLD 4055

Anne Richards is a special needs teacher with 30 years of teaching experience in the classroom, including working as a Learning Support and Special Needs teacher. She is also a SPELD literacy teacher. Five years ago, Anne set up a tutoring business to work with students with specific learning difficulties. These learning differences include difficulty understanding mathematical concepts or dyscalculia.  It is through her extensive experience that children with dyscalculia and/or learning difficulties with mathematics often have difficulty recalling number facts or calculations and rely on counting on fingers. They also often have difficulty understanding place value, fractions and problem-solving.

According to the Western Australian Dyslexia‐SPELD Foundation, an effective intervention program for students having learning difficulties provides;  ‘Explicit and direct instructional methods; is Multisensory and teaches using all the senses to ensure learning is retained; is cumulative and builds on what has already been learnt; and is repetitive and includes regular review of concepts’. 

When searching for an effective mathematics intervention program that included these prerequisites, Anne discovered the Australian ‘Math -U See’ program. During the past two years, she has been using this program with great success to support students with learning difficulties in maths. Her students have gained confidence in their mathematical ability due to achieving success using this program. She would love to help your kids achieve the same results!

Available online and in-person at your location. 

Kirstin Harris

Absolutely 4 Kids

West Mackay, QLD

0438 547 785

Thorning St, West Mackay, QLD 4740

Tutoring with a difference!
Absolutely 4 Kids is a tutoring, play and early learning service focusing on supporting the child to navigate learning and life. Absolutely 4 Kids offers tutoring services for Primary School children requiring support for Maths or English. We offer small group and 1:1 sessions from our home based studio.

Tutoring at Absolutely 4 Kids is not your run of the mill, ‘sit at a desk or computer and read or write style’ tutoring. Children are able to choose from a range of seating options and learning materials that they feel suits their learning best.

Both our individual and group tutoring sessions incorporate plenty of opportunities for young bodies to get moving. Sometimes we also work outside if the weather permits and the child works well outdoors.

Available in-person.

Narelle Hose

Connect Learning and Literacy

Redland Bay, QLD

0403 250 214

Cypress Street, Redland Bay, QLD 4165

Connect Literacy and Learning Centre is a private Specialist Teaching and Therapy centre based in Redland Bay, delivering excellent educational outcomes. We assist students, parents and teachers in gaining an understanding of each child’s strengths and weaknesses so the right type of therapy can be given.

Narelle Hose is a
 qualified Literacy Specialist teacher registered with the Queensland College of Teachers, Narelle has over twenty five years of teaching experience. She has a passion for teaching primary school aged children who struggle with literacy and mathematical skills.

Available in-person.

Teressa Everton

Kool Kids Tutoring

Brisbane, QLD

Office: (07) 3813 5666 | Mobile: 0414 765 488

Springfield Lakes Blvd, Brisbane, QLD 4300

At Kool Kids Tutoring we not only specialise in tutoring, but we also offer a variety of other activities; such as outings and camps as well as workshops for your child. We take a holistic approach to the education and development of our future generations. We work together with the whole family and focus on every child’s individual needs and passions and love watching children evolve into something many never thought possible. If your child suffers from lack of confidence, learning difficulties, anxiety, depression, bullying at school or simply faith in themselves, please contact us to discuss how we can assist your family and most importantly your child. Watch as your caterpillar turns into an amazing Butterfly!

Available in-person.


Judi Sheedy
The Rural Tutor
Gunnedah and Armidale, NSW

0427 437 248

Gunnedah and Armidale, NSW

A passionate educator, Judi Sheedy has over 10 years’ experience in classroom teaching, adult education and tutoring. She has always had an interest in differentiating in the classroom, especially helping those students who need additional support.

When family and friends’ children, particularly in rural NSW, were struggling to find robust, evidence-based support for their children, Judi began to thoroughly research the best approaches to support learning differences – deciding on IMSLE (Australian Dyslexic Association) and iCRAVE methodology (Maths Australia)… and The Rural Tutor was hatched.

“The relief experienced by students using these approaches, as they rediscover that they are smart, and that they can learn, is immensely rewarding. The nurturing, safe learning environment which The Rural Tutor has created enhances the student’s learning ability and confidence.”

Located in North-West NSW, Judi is passionate in providing exceptional learning support, normally only accessible in metropolitan areas. She has established two tutoring centres in Gunnedah and Armidale where she lives with her husband and three teenage children.

Judi is continuing her love of lifelong learning with her studies in a Masters of Special and Inclusive Education, dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Available in-person and online.

Judi Sheedy
Founding Educator - The Rural Tutor
Masters Education (Primary)
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Christa Forsyth
Daybreak Learning
Bega Valley, NSW

0484 573 816

Bega Valley, NSW

I am a primary and special needs trained teacher with many years experience in both classroom and learning support roles. I provide online and face-to-face lessons to my students and enjoy watching them learn and grow in confidence.

I provide specialist, 1:1 or small group instruction in literacy following the MSL (Multisensory Structured Literacy) Approach. I also provide numeracy instruction using the Maths Australia Approach. Instruction in other subject areas available upon request.  My classroom, located in the Bega Valley, provides an ideal environment for face to face instruction or  you can connect with me remotely wherever you live via video conferencing. 

I will assess your child's literacy needs, plan for their individual needs, provide a few learning sessions each week and communicate with you about ongoing progress. 

Serving the Bega Valley.

Henriette Bruton
Port Stephens, NSW

0412 404 965

Corlette, Port Stephens, NSW, 2315

My passion for bringing understanding and clarity in the world of Mathematics keeps me involved in this most rewarding field of numeracy intervention. My journey in education began as a primary school teacher.

While I loved the work, I was frustrated at not being able to meet all the students’ needs all of the time. We embraced home-education as a way of life for our family - a time I look back upon with great joy and satisfaction. Thereafter I worked in childcare and ran a Family Day Care from our home. I went on to complete a Graduate Certificate in Education, with a focus on meeting the needs of students with learning differences, especially in the area of numeracy.

I currently offer numeracy intervention using the multi-sensory Math-U-See curriculum, which we had used extensively during our home education journey. This unique programme is structured and systematic, supporting students in building strong mathematical foundations. The language used is explicit and concise. The hands-on approach allows students to build a visual representation of abstract concepts before computing and verbalising their understanding.

I advocate the goal of Math-U-See which is to assist students in becoming confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math and would love the opportunity of meeting with you, either online or in person, to discuss your child’s needs in this area.

Antonia Canaris
Kingsgrove, NSW

(02) 9150 6630

Forrester Street, Kingsgrove, NSW 2208

Antonia is a qualified Orton-Gillingham multisensory educational therapist and holds a Master’s in Education (Literacy and Numeracy), a Graduate Certificate in Professional Studies majoring in Autism and a BA Dip. Ed in Music and Italian. She has worked extensively with children through literacy and mathematics one-on-one, as well as giving talks and presentations on dyscalculia at the 2018 MANSW Conference. She is also a member of the International Dyslexia Association and the Australian Dyslexia Association.

As an Educational Consultant and specialist remedial teacher, Antonia specialises in the remedial management and teaching of learning disorders including the assessment of dyslexia and its associated learning difficulties, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, epilepsy related learning disorders, intellectual delay and giftedness. She uses the Math-U-See program to bridge the gap between abstract and concrete mathematics and has experienced great success with using these methodologies.

Antonia has had extensive experience over many years in the public and private school systems as a special needs teacher and in the private sector where she continues to consult widely with educational authorities on behalf of parents and children in need. She is also equally qualified to assist adults.

Antonia is available in person at her practice Neurosensory in Kingsgrove, NSW as well as online and
over the phone.

Gabrielle Ninness
Bright Smiles Multisensory
Learning Centre
Figtree, NSW

0412 818 541

Princes Hwy, Figtree, NSW 2525

At Bright Smiles we provide specialist learning experiences for students of all ages and abilities including students with dyslexia. We offer a range of evidence based and multi-sensory strategies to ensure that we are providing the best opportunity for each of our students to reach their potential. We know that our students learn best when they are taught in a way that is multi-sensory, explicit, systematic, structured, and individualised.

Available in-person.


Barry Rasmussen
Bridges Multisensory Learning Centre
Melbourne, VIC

0450 250 266

Springfield Rd, Blackburn, VIC 3130

Bridges Multisensory Learning Centre provides explicit and direct multi-sensory based maths instruction to students with gaps in their understanding of maths concepts. Our programs are based on multi-sensory methodology which has proven to be effective with students with learning differences. Instruction is based on Building (showing with blocks), Writing (writing down the problem and the answer) and Saying it (explaining the problem and how the student got the answer). At Bridges Multisensory Learning Centre, we believe the student’s individual learning needs guided instruction and therefore, sessions are typically one-on-one and highly interactive. Learning happens at the student’s own pace and assessment occurs continuously to keep track of where each student is at. Located in Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Available in person as well as online tutoring. 

Anita Karnakowski & Bianca Lee
Cranbourne West, VIC

(03) 5996 4006

Futures Road, Cranbourne West, VIC, 3977

Our highly trained Math Practitioners are all certified and use the 'MathUSee' program for their sessions. Most students come to us with a diagnosis but some come to us just needing confidence boosting. We open our arms to everyone!

The 'MathUSee' tools are colourful, hands-on, engaging and the process is not tiresome like many other forms of learning. Students 'see' their learning and understand the 'why' of getting to an answer and that is so important for our students in moving forward. There is a lot more discussion time and building time in each session which we love.

Our services at Dyslexability are also taught by certified practitioners which include: Reading/Spelling using the Orton Gillingham Approach, Writing, Art Therapy and Music intervention. We are a forever growing company and are always expanding our services.
Students are signed up for hourly sessions, once a week but can do extra sessions if available at a time that suits them.

Our sessions run during the week from 9am-6.30pm AEST.

Healthy Young Minds
Counselling | Educational Psychology | Tutoring | Autism Services
Mill Park, VIC

Office: (03) 8406 7555 | Mobile: 0481 089 340

Ormond Boulevard, Bundoora, VIC 3083

Healthy Young Minds Clinic specialises in working with children with learning difficulties (including dyslexia and dyscalculia) between the ages of 4-16. We offer assessments and academic interventions in the areas of literacy and numeracy using evidence-based programs such as the Math-U-See program. We carefully monitor a child’s progress and review their learning regularly. Lessons are engaging and fun for the children.

Available during school hours and after school in-person.


Shirley Houston
Sound Start WA
Duncraig, WA

0466 695 385

Strathyre Drive, Duncraig, WA 6023

With a Masters Degree in Special Education, Shirley Houston has been working with, supporting and teaching students for the past 30 years. Her passion for teaching encompasses all learning styles and abilities and primarily focuses on supporting students with Special Needs to learn in a way that works for them. Shirley's warmth and down-to-earth approach makes her a favourite amongst her students.

Shirley also offers an online course detailing "How To Make Your Maths Dyslexia-Friendly." Because of the importance of using hands-on, tactile and multi-sensory tools especially in Special Needs Education, Shirley continues to use the manipulatives throughout her course instruction.

If you want to check out her online course, learn more here.

Available in-person as well as online tutoring and classes. 

Ingrid Morrison
Start Smart Tasmania
Newstead, TAS

(03) 6388 8457

Amy Rd, Newstead, Tasmania 7250

Start Smart Tasmania offers a range of speech pathology and education services to the Launceston community and surrounds. Our education department offers inclusion support, including learning plan development, programming recommendations, literacy and maths intervention, student assessments, and a range of professional learning workshops for schools. We incorporate the Math-U-See program into teaching and one-on-one sessions to teach hands-on, multisensory maths.

Our speech pathology department provides speech and language support, orofacial myology, a feeding clinic, mentoring for newly-qualified speech pathologists, and a range of courses and workshops for parents and professionals.

You can check out available services here.

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