• Comprehensive Instruction - Counting, Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Telling Time, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Percents.
  • Comprehensive instruction materials and resources 
  • Complete set of Multisensory Manipulatives & Tools:
    - 1 x Teacher Magnetic Block Kit with markers
    - 1 x CRA Maths Integer Block Kit with colored pencils
    - 1 x CRA Advanced Kit
  • 1:1 mentoring sessions with leading Multisensory Maths Educator and Dyscalculia Specialist 
  • Bi-monthly meetings for ongoing education
  • Lifetime access to future workshops





Foundations of Maths: monthly Jan - Nov 2024
Multiplication, Division: bimonthly Feb - Oct 2024
Fractions, Decimals, Percents: bimonthly Mar - Nov 2024

Facilitator: Esther White

2,499 AUD

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About this training

TOTAL MATHS MASTERY is for professionals who desire to become multisensory maths specialists; for those that understand the importance of explicit, direct instruction and well-taught lessons; that have what it takes to make a lasting impact in their schools and communities through understanding dyscalculia, maths anxiety and learning differences of both neuro-diverse and neuro-typical students that informs effective maths instruction.  Using just two sets of hands-on teaching tools (manipulatives) and covering the pedagogy of multisensory maths instruction, counting, place value, addition, subtraction, telling time, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percents, you will be amazed at how simple maths can be - and is - when taught using all senses.

We guarantee you will walk away from this comprehensive training and mentorship with absolute confidence in how to teach maths the way students learn, and the resources to ensure you can implement what you've learnt in your practice.

Note: this training forms the foundation of our upcoming Multisensory Maths Specialist Accreditation Program.

Express shipped to you

Integer Block Kit

This is our main tool for teaching whole numbers - counting, place value, addition, subtraction, telling time, multiplication, division and introducing fractions . By using these hands-on manipulatives, youbridge the gap from concrete understanding > to graphic representation > to abstract application and mastery of each concept.

Advanced Kit

Used for teaching fractions, decimals, percents and algebra, the Advanced Kit is the only kit you'll need for extending a student's understanding beyond whole numbers.
Made of high quality, uniquely colored cards, clear plastic overlays and a full set of math symbols they build on the rectangular model of teaching understanding.

Teacher Magnetic Block Kit

These teacher magnetic blocks are made of a light-weight foam and are fully magnetic backed to stay securely on a whiteboard, fridge or any magnetic surface.  They are perfect for classroomsmall group or 1:1 instruction as they enable the student to learn kinaesthetically. They follow the same color system as the Integer Block Kits for teaching an understanding of whole numbers.

'Foundations of Maths'  Manual

This is our starting place - establishing a strong foundation in place value, addition, subtraction and telling time. We walk through each topic step-by-step, using the Integer Block Kits, and make sure you understand these effective methodologies - so you can have the confidence to teach it straight to your student. 

'Multiplication & Division' Manual

We continue sequentially to mastery of multiplication and division of whole numbers. Using our same Integer Block Kit, you will continue to understand the ease of beginning every lesson with concrete/ hands-on understanding before progressing through representational to abstract understanding of maths.

'Focus On Fractions'      Manual

Be astounded at the ease of progression now that you have a firm foundation in whole number mastery. We walk through each topic step-by-step, using the Advanced Kit . This Manual provides you with all you need to teach mastery of fractions, decimals and percents as we build on the rectangular model of teaching maths.

Instant Online Access

 Interviews with Maths Experts

Once you've signed up, you'll be sent our favourite maths interviews with some incredible maths experts from around the world - covering a wide range of maths-related topics. Be inspired to engage with maths and learn how maths can be taught, where it can be used, and all the interesting things you never knew about the language of mathematics.

Resources for Implementation

These resources will help you plan, organise and keep track of your student's progress through each lesson. Includes:
- Lesson Planners
- Lesson Objective Sheets
- Word Problem Tips
- Research Based Documentation
- Math Facts Sheets
....and more

When the Event begins

Online Training Events

Prior to to your training, you'll be emailed a link to the Online Training session. It is best to arrive 10-15 mins early to make sure everything is set up before we start the training.

In Person Training Events

Remember your Integer Block Kit or Advanced Kit as well as any stationery you may require. Any materials you have ordered will be collectable on the day.

On-going Support

Unlimited access to future online training

1-on-1  Mentoring Sessions with Esther White

Lifetime access - Bi-monthly Group calls


This training is open to any and all dedicated educators. There are no pre-requisite professional requirements: just a vision to see your students excel in maths; to teach them the way they learn; and to transform their lives through research and evidence-based numeracy instruction. On completion of each module, you will have the confidence, competence, skills and tools to be able to teach maths effectively to any student requiring intervention - whether with dyscalculia, maths anxiety, learning differences requiring Tier 2 or Tier 3 Intervention, or those in Tier 1 general classrooms.


This course will contribute to your Elective PD. You will receive a certificate upon completion.

Meet your workshop facilitator

Esther White

Leading Multisensory Maths Specialist,  Accredited Dyscalculia Specialist, CEO Maths Australia

Esther’s passion is for every student to be empowered in life through a strong foundation in maths.

She is proud to present a research and evidence-based approach to effective maths mastery. Along with a supporting numeracy program, her expertise is in teaching to all learning styles and equipping teachers with a simple-to-follow and hands-on CRA methodology which she developed.

Her warmth and vision are palpable as she shares with you from her own 23 years of experience in teaching and sharing effective strategies and proven systems for maths mastery.

"This training includes hands-on, engaging instruction into specific ways to teach maths effectively - ways that each student can understand, ways that really work."
"The training is perfect for teaching students to understand core mathematical concepts, as well as supporting students for intervention and those with learning difficulties"

To support your implementation and practice, we invite you to bring a friend to our 2023 Total Maths Mastery training and receive a $400 store coupon.

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