• Comprehensive 5-6 day training covering all areas of maths from Foundations to Fractions, Decimals & Percents - including all training manuals and bonus resources.
  • Ongoing access to future Foundations, Multiplication & Division and Fractions, Decimals & Percents workshops - your all-access pass to maintain your knowledge base.
  • 1:1 mentoring sessions throughout the year with leading MSM specialist Esther White 
  • Ongoing access to bi-monthly group training calls to support implementation, hear from other teachers and share methods
  • Complimentary Teacher Magnetic Block Kit, ideal for classroom and online instruction.



Sept 26 - 30


Jan 9 - 14

Jan 16 - 21

Jan 23 - 28



Sept 26 - 30, 2022

9am - 4pm daily

Module 1 - Monday, 26th Sept
    Module 2 - Tuesday, 27th Sept
      Module 3 - Wednesday, 28th Sept
  Module 4 - Thursday, 29th Sept
Module 5 - Friday, 30 Sept

(Bi-monthly Trainings - alternate weekend days, 10:30am -12:00pm)

2499 AUD


$2,499.00 ex. GSTAdd to cart

This training requires attendees to use an Integer Block Kit & Fraction Overlays Kit to gain the full benefits. Algebra Decimal Inserts are also recommended, but optional. Bring yours along with you or get them here:


Integer Block Kit

199 AUD


$199.00 ex. GSTAdd to cart


Fraction Overlays (Home Education)

Fraction Overlays Kit

99 AUD


$99.00 ex. GSTAdd to cart


Algebra Decimal Inserts

99 AUD


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"This training includes hands-on, engaging instruction into specific ways to teach maths effectively - ways that each student can understand, ways that really work."
"The training is perfect for teaching students to understand core mathematical concepts, as well as supporting students for intervention and those with learning difficulties"

About this Training

Here's what's inside the TOTAL MATHS MASTERY Workshop

TOTAL MATHS MASTERY is for professionals who desire to become multisensory maths masters, and have what it takes to make a lasting impact in their schools and communities through effective maths instruction.  

Using just three sets of hands-on teaching tools (we call them
manipulatives) and covering pedagogy, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percents, you will be amazed at how simple maths can be - and is - when taught using all senses.

We guarantee - you will walk away from this comprehensive workshop with absolute confidence in how to teach maths the way students learn, using our evidence-based CRAVE* methodology of instruction.

PLUS, you'll have access to on-going resources and sessions to keep you up to speed and help you implement what you've learned. We're really want to make sure you feel supported in putting what you learn into practice!

Note: Total Maths Mastery Training forms the foundation of Maths Australia's upcoming Multisensory Maths Specialist Accreditation Program. 



1. Pedagogy of MultiSensory Instruction
2. Introduction to the CRA Methodology
3. The Language & Symbology of Maths
4. Place Value
5. Addition


6. Subtraction
7. Sequencing
8. Inequalities
9. Estimation
10. Skip Counting Introduction
11. Time


12. Multiplication
- Rectangles, Factors & Products
- Commutative Property
- Single Digit Multiplication
- Skip Counting
- Area of square and rectangle
- Multi Digit Multiplication


13. Division
- Rectangles, Factors & Products
- Single Digit Division
- Area of Parallelogram, Triangle, Trapezium
- Multi Digit Division

14. Fractions (Part 1)

- Fraction of a Number
- Fraction of One


15. Fractions (Part 2)
- Addition of Fractions
- Subtraction of Fraction
- Equivalent Fractions
- Multiplication of Fractions
- Division of Fractions
- Converting Fractions to Decimals, to Percents

16. Decimals & Percents (time permitting)
- Exponents
- Addition & Subtraction of Decimals
- Finding a Percent
- Multiplication & Division of Decimals

Manipulatives required

To participate in this training, you will need:


These Integer Block Kits are specialised for the MSMT Trainings. They are our main teaching tool for every lesson, from Preschool to Advanced Year 10 and University level maths. By using these hands-on manipulatives, your student is able to bridge the gap from concrete understanding > to graphic representation > to abstract application and mastery of each concept.

Fraction Overlays


Used when teaching fractions in our maths program, this updated Kit includes more unit pieces to make it easier for students to build mixed-number problems. The new fold-shut case has tabbed flaps and clearly-marked sections so overlays stay neatly stored, and the convenient size stands on a bookshelf. The 39 total pieces represent halves through sixteenths.

Algebra-Decimal Inserts


The Algebra Decimal Inserts are used in our training to represent decimals & polynomials, illustrate X, -X, X² and to represent units, .1s (1/10s) and .01s (1/100s). Using these manipulatives enable students to understand these complex maths concepts in a hands-on way before progressing to abstract application and use.


There are no pre-requisite requirements for this training. On completion you will have the confidence, competence, skills and manipulatives to be able to teach maths effectively to any student.


This course will contribute to your elective PD. You will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion.

Proudly members of the Australian Dyslexic Association

Our Total Maths Mastery Workshop is perfect for:





Heads of Maths

Classroom Teachers

Teachers Aides


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What you get in the TOTAL MATHS MASTERY Workshop:

Express shipped to you

(3-5 business days Australia-wide)

Maths Foundations Training Manual

This is our starting place - establishing a strong foundation in place value, addition, subtraction and telling time. We walk through each topic step-by-step, using the Integer Block Kits, and make sure you understand these effective methodologies - so you can have the confidence to teach it straight to your student. 

Multiplication & Division Training Manual

We continue sequentially to complete mastery of multiplication and division of whole numbers. Using our same Integer Block Kit, you will continue to understand the ease of beginning every lesson with concrete/ hands-on understanding before progressing through representational to an abstract understanding of the language of maths.

Fractions, Decimals & Percents Training Manual

Be wowed at the ease of progression now that you have a firm foundation in whole number mastery. We walk through each topic step-by-step, using the Fraction Overlay Kit and Algebra Decimal Inserts. This Manual provides you with all you need to teach mastery of fractions, decimals and percents.

NEW! Teacher Magnetic Block Kit

These teacher magnetic blocks are made of a  light-weight foam and are perfect for instruction on a magnetic whiteboard to teach your class. They follow the exact same colour system as the student integer block kits.

Maths Australia "Math U See" Coloured Pencils

Our special gift to you, these pencils are specifically coloured to match the Integer Blocks which makes it easy for you - and your student - to learn to identify each number as it is taught. Fun, easy and applicable!

Please note:
For in-person events, these materials can be organised for pick up at the venue.

On-going Support

1-on-1  Mentoring Sessions

You'll also receive 2 personal coaching calls with Esther White for follow up implementation and practice. This is a great chance to ask questions, and learn directly from Esther in the context of your situation.

Lifetime access - Group calls

Lifetime access to group coaching calls to help with implementation, hear from other teachers and share methods with like-minded practitioners.

Unlimited access to future online training

You'll be given links to join our other training workshops: Maths Foundations, Multiplication & Division and Fractions, Decimals & Percents. You'll have the manual ready to go, and will be able to join in.

Instant Online Access

Top 10 Interviews with Maths Experts

Once you've signed up, you'll be sent our favourite maths interviews with some incredible maths experts from around the world - covering a wide range of maths-related topics. Be inspired to engage with maths and learn how maths can be taught, where it can be used, and all the interesting things you never knew about the language of mathematics.


Upon completion of the Training, you will receive a Certificate of Accredited hours for Elective PD

Resources for Effective Implementation

These resources will help you plan, organise and keep track of your student's progress through each lesson. There's heaps of goodies in here, including:
- Lesson Planners
- Lesson Objective Sheets
- Word Problem Tips
- Research Based Documentation
- Math Facts Sheets
....and more

When the Event begins

Online Training Events

Prior to to your training, you'll be emailed a link to the Online Training session. It is best to arrive 10-15 mins early to make sure everything is set up before we start the training. Keep an eye on your email inbox for your link closer to the event date.

In Person Training Events

If your training is in person, please bring your ticket to confirm your attendance. Remember your Integer Block Kit and any stationery you may require. Any materials you have ordered will be collectable on the day.

What you'll also get when you sign up:

  • Research-based documentation showing the 9 Essential Components for Maths Intervention
  • Face-to-face, hands-on and interactive group instruction and practice of MultiSensory Maths
  • The skills to take into your classrooms & teaching careers to teach maths understanding
  • Unlimited access to Maths Australia’s bonus resources and online drills
  •   Join a community of like-minded teachers, tutors and specialists
  • Ongoing lifetime support to ensure your absolute success 

Meet your workshop facilitator

Esther White

Leading Multisensory Maths Specialist,  CEO Maths Australia

As the National Program Coordinator for Maths Australia, Esther’s passion is for every Australian child to be empowered in life through a strong foundation in maths.

Esther is proud to present a research and evidence-based approach to effective maths mastery. Along with the supporting Math-U-See numeracy program her expertise is in teaching to all learning styles and equipping teachers with a simple-to-follow and hands-on CRA methodology.

Her warmth and vision are palpable as she shares with you from her own 20 years of experience in teaching and sharing effective strategies and proven systems for maths mastery.



Sept 26 - 30, 2022

2499 AUD


$2,499.00 ex. GSTAdd to cart

Maths Australia is an exclusive provider of Multisensory Maths Training in Australia with a full training course spanning P-12 Number & Algebra!

This live training workshop will show you how to teach maths to every student in a simple, effective and hands-on way.