There's been so many people asking for an in-depth review of the Math-U-See program, especially one that  explores both the positive and negative sides of the

It's true - more and more people are deciding to take the leap and educate their children at home. Especially through our current pandemic COVID-19, where schools

School News wrote a report on the essential need for multi-sensory maths to provide a well-rounded education to students.  The article discusses nation-wide PISA (Programme for International

Bringing Maths to Life by Using History For a given triangle labeled ABC, side A is 5 centimeters while side B is…wow, I’m yawning already! So

Handwriting Practices for Struggling Writers (When those Word Problems Come Up in Maths Class) How should we teach our kids handwriting in the digital age? It

Because we've had a few requests for these links, we've included them here so you can come back to them anytime.  Math-U-See USA is the parent