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Have you ever been stuck on ideas and things to do with your kids? Don’t worry, it’s a good thing! Here’s why boredom is healthy for your kids

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We look forward to further collaborating with you to transform your students’ numeracy outcomes!

Why are teachers exhausted and overwhelmed? Why do over 85% of teachers quit within 5 years of teaching students? Read the article here

Maths anxiety affects many students struggling to understands maths concepts. Here’s 15 specific tips to reduce maths anxiety fo your student

It’s important to be aware of the impacts of comparing your child’s learning journey to their expected age, grade level or your neighbour’s kids. Here’s what you can do about it

Looking for a fun, interactive maths expo for the whole family? Giving you the tools and resources to choose the best maths for your kids, this is a must-attend event

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There are 8 important reasons to choose specific maths for dyslexia to support your student in the best way possible. Here’s what they are

Being behind in maths doesn’t actually matter, because if your child doesn’t understand simple concepts like Place Value first, they won’t get very far

Here’s 10 good reasons why learning multiplication is important for your student, no matter how much they understand about maths. Multiplication is a basic skill that’s important to maths

The NAPLAN results are used to check Australian student’s understanding of numeracy and literacy. However, NAPLAN results are constantly going downhill. Is there anything we can we do about it?

What do you do if your kids struggle with telling time? How do you teach time in an easy way and how does telling time relate to Place Value issues?

This DSF Learning Conference will provide valuable research, evidence and practical strategies to support teachers and educators working with students of all ages

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Students must have a strong foundation in numeracy and literacy in order to achieve positive results in all other subjects. Here’s why

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Looking for some ideas for family games and family fun? Here’s The Ultimate Guide to the Best Family Games you can do together to build connection and playfulness

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Here’s everything you need to know about worldschooling, how to start and how to afford it, and why wordschooling your child will teach them so much about life than an ordinary classroom

The Multisensory Maths Online Teacher Trainings are in high demand and support teachers with simple and effective methods to teach multiplication and division for their students