QAMT Early Years and Middle Years Annual Conference

QAMT's annual conference is back again for 2021 and we're excited to be collaborating again with QAMT as the platinum sponsor of this event. 

This event is specifically designed for teachers and support teachers across classrooms in Australia and addresses key maths issues. The theme for this year is "Building Maths Futures" which acknowledges students as the problem solvers, leader and next generation of responsible citizens. As educators, we not only prepare our students for their future but also help create the future for all of us – this is why we need to build student capacity and curiosity in mathematics.

And, the best thing is, it's also offered online for those who can't attend in person due to COVID border restrictions. You can sign up and join in from anywhere you are!

WORKSHOP ONE - Saturday 27th Feb, 10.30am

This workshop will be held in Room 3

Workshop Title:
Differentiation and Progress: how to use a sequential framework in the early years to accurately identify student maths levels and have a clear framework for filling gaps 

If students miss out on the "Big Ideas of Maths" in the early years, this sets up negative patterns and a lack of confidence that has devastating effects further into their schooling.Too often they decide they "don't have a maths brain", "will never understand maths", or are just "dumb". When we identify their current level of mastery and then teach key concepts (such as Place Value) as necessary prior knowledge, we give our students the opportunity to understand - and love - this language that explains the universe. In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of the sequential nature of maths; use a free tool to "place" students within this broader sequence; and be able to identify gaps that MUST be filled for their students to easily progress.

Please Note: This workshop is not strictly commercial as participants will be given access to a free resource. However, it is located on a commercial site along with other materials available for purchase.

WORKSHOP TWO - Sunday 28th Feb, 9.00am

This workshop will be held in Room 3

Workshop Title:
Maths Manipulatives: using just three simple multi-sensory tools to teach Number andAlgebra K-9 with absolute ease

Often, as teachers, we think that 'the greater the variety of hands-on resources, the better'. However, recent research is now showing that the use of just one manipulative -for a minimum time period of three years - is much more supportive of students as they gain confidence in the one teaching tool, and can spend time learning the new maths concept rather than learning the plethora of new teaching tools we may place in front of them. In this workshop, come and experience for yourself the ease of teaching PlaceValue, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division using our specialised manipulatives and simple concrete - representational - abstract framework.


Maths Australia Math U See - Students working together

To celebrate our Platinum Sponsorship of QAMT Early Years and Middle Years Conference, we're giving away 1 x Online Teacher Training to one lucky winner!

What do I need to know to attend?

Online delegates: Selected presentations will be delivered virtually (zoom) with the opportunity for live QnA. After the conference, you can re-live your experience (+ bonus materials) with access to all recorded presentations.

Face to Face delegates: Welcome back to in person conferences (with COVID precautions of course!). You can enjoy the benefits of face to face AND virtual conferencing as recorded presentations will be made available to registered participants after the conference.

Note that the number of Face to Face registrations will be limited due to COVID restrictions, so register early to avoid disappointment.

Event details:
Moorooka State School
Sherley Street

Start: Saturday, February 27, 2021 at 8:00 AM
End: Sunday, February 28, 2021 at 4:00 PM

Face to Face: QAMT Members $198 for both days or $132 for 1 day
Non Members $253 for both days or $151 for 1 day
(QAMT individual membership is $100)
Students $33/day
Zoom access (selected presentations live streamed):
QAMT Members $55 (2 days)
Non Members $88 (2 days) $55 (1 day)

You can visit QAMT website to purchase tickets via the link below:

Looking forward to seeing you there! And make sure you're at the Wine and Cheese event when we're drawing the winner!

The Team at Maths Australia

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