At Maths Australia, we base all numeracy instruction - Pre-school to Year 12 - on multi-sensory, student-paced learning. 

We focus on achieving maths mastery at every stage before progressing to learning the next concept.

Our multisensory maths approach uses innovative 'manipulatives' (specialised, hands-on maths learning tools), which create the foundations for mastering maths. In our search for maths materials that follow our recommended research-based methodology, we have found the Math U See program to most closely integrate these recommendations.

Using our specially developed 4-Step Method and cumulative reviews, we then help students refine and retain their knowledge in maths.

The end result? Maths becomes concrete, useful and relevant to their everyday lives. And students feel more engaged, empowered and confident in their maths ability!


Our free diagnostic placement testing tool will give you an accurate snapshot of where your student is up to with maths right now. You can then make an informed decision about which program level you'll need.

Cindy Charden

I recommend this program to everyone who is having issues with math or just wanting to find a good program. The hands on Manipulatives, Fraction Overlays , and the Algebra/Decimal Inserts set has made math easier to understand. We will use this program to its end!

J Horwood QLD

My daughter is 15 and has been diagnosed with Asperger, Dyslexia & Dyscalculia. Her long term memory is quite exceptional, her short term memory is terrible. For years we were unable to determine exactly why she was unable to grasp mathematics. When she started grade 9, she began using Math-U-See to try and re-establish a base of maths in her brain. The multi-sensory, videos and way maths is taught to mastery has worked and now she is mastering multiplication and is retaining the majority. Maths no longer stresses her as it used to. Thank you Math-U-See.....there is a bright future for my child.

Rachel Batterham

We love Math U See, and always recommend this program in our homeschooling circles. Our 4 children have thrived with the emphasis on place value, mastery, and being hands on with their learning using the manipulatives. I also appreciate the support from staff at Maths Australia. We now have budding mathematicians who are confident in their approach, and who ENJOY their math lessons. Thank you!


( Pre-school to Grade 8 and Intervention )

Our current recommended program, Math-U-See, starts with 7 Foundational Levels that follow our methodologies for teaching maths in a multi-sensory way using manipulatives (hands-on tools) and our 4-step methodology.





Students progress through each level sequentially (left to right below) to build on the foundational principles learnt in the previous levels. For some kids, a particular level will be easy and they'll breeze through. For other kids, that same level may take a little longer. That's what's so great about our multisensory maths program. The layout and sequence of the lessons caters to any child's learning speed.

Simply take your time on the levels you're struggling with, and breeze on through if you're mastering it quickly. Each level comes with lessons and materials to make sure 'mastery' of that level has been achieved before you move on to the next.


A Fun Introduction to Maths


Mastering Single Digit Addition and Subtraction


Addition and Subtraction for Multi-Digit Numbers


Multiplication for Single and Multi-Digit Numbers


Short & long Division, Solving problems with all 4 operations


Fractions, Factors, Mixed Numbers and more


Decimals, Percents and Conversions


( Grade 8 to University Level )

As students progress into our advanced levels, the understanding developed in mastering the early levels form the backbone of knowledge as we move into more abstract concepts. Each level continues to sequentially build on previous mastery, all the way through to our final university-grade Calculus level.


Order of Operations, Solving for the Unknown and more

Algebra 1

Graphing, Exponents, Unit Multipliers and more


Using Geometry to Understand Shape and Solids

Algebra 2

Factoring Polynomials, Quadratic Formula and more


Prepare for Calculus with Trigonometry and more


Derivatives, Integrals, Calculus Applications, Differential Equations, & more

For a full description of every level, video demonstrations, practice tests and to work out which level to start on...

Watch the methodology in action

Demonstrations from foundational Math-U-See levels

Demonstrations from the advanced levels

Our teaching approach is entirely adaptable to every learning style and level of maths, making maths accessible to anyone.

What materials do you need to teach Math-U-See?


One-time purchase

These are the main teaching tools and form the basis of concrete, hands-on learning  You need the relevant manipulatives sets to teach almost every level of the Math-U-See*

Instruction Manual & Videos

One-time purchase (per level)

The instruction manual and online videos are your lesson materials as the teacher. There's only one teacher (you), so these are a once-off purchase for each level.

Student Kit

One per student (per level)

This is the only 'consumable' part as each student needs their own workbook. This becomes your only cost for every subsequent student after your first.

*The integer block kit is a one-time investment that is then used for up to 9 levels (approx. nine years). If you have multiple students doing lessons together, one integer block kit could be shared between 3-4 students.

For first-time users, our complete set has all the teaching tools you'll need to completely transform your students' experience and engagement with maths


If you're just starting out, a complete set is the best value for money. It provides you with everything you'll need to get started with the Math-U-See program. Each set includes the relevant manipulatives, instruction manual and student kit. You can see the Math-U-See complete sets here:

Here is an in-depth look at what comes in the complete set:


Manipulatives are a crucial learning tool which help students understand maths in a concrete way before translating this to the abstract (letters and numbers on a page)


The manipulatives in each complete set will differ slightly according to the topics that are taught in that level. For example, the Integer Block Kit is used to teach addition, subtraction and basic foundational maths, whereas the Fraction Overlays are used to teach fractions and the Algebra Decimal Inserts are used to teach algebra, decimals and percents.

Integer Block Kit (Home Education)

integer block kit

levels: primer, alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon (optional), zeta, pre-algebra

This 133-piece Integer Block Kit is the primary teaching tool for every lesson, Primer (Preschool) through to Algebra 1 (Advanced Year 10), and enable a student to bridge the gap from basic understanding through to mastery.

Fraction Overlays (Home Education)

fraction overlays kit

level: epsilon

The Fraction Overlays show fractions of any number in in a hands-on, multisensory way. This is every teachers' favourite tool - making fractions easy to understand for any student.

Algebra-Decimal Inserts (Schools)

algebra decimal inserts

levels: zeta, pre algebra, algebra 1

These Algebra Decimal Inserts are used with the Integer Blocks to show students - in a hands-on, multisensory way - decimals, percentages and algebraic equations. A must-have for all advanced maths!

IMPORTANT: You do not need to purchase manipulatives every year. See graph here


The Instruction manual has all of the lesson materials for you to teach each lesson. This has been designed in collaboration with the videos so you'll know exactly how to teach each lesson.

Instruction Manual & Videos (below)

This Instruction manual includes step-by-step worked solutions and will provide you with clear and easy-to-read instructions to teach each lesson to your student/s. This manual should be used in collaboration with the video lessons. You only need to purchase instruction manuals once for each level (you can then use them for multiple students!)

Alpha Level Instruction Manual
  • Step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions for every lesson
  • Complete guide on how to use the manual and get the most from teaching Math-U-See 
  • Mastery-based scope and sequence
  • Appropriated for Australia (metric measurements, currency etc)
  • Printed in Australia on carbon neutral paper


The student workbook and Test Booklet gives your student extra practice on what they've been taught from the Instruction Manual and video lessons - and should be used by the student in conjunction with the appropriate manipulatives.

Student Kit

Each student should have their own workbook and test booklet - this encourages them to take ownership and control of their learning and have something 'theirs'. Being able to flick back through all the concepts they've already mastered is an excellent way for students to see how far they've come - a great way to keep them engaged and develop their confidence with maths.

  • Activities and instructions to support and reinforce the lessons in the instruction manual and videos.
  • Mastery-based focus. Students completely learn a concept before progressing to the next concept so they're never out of their depth.
  • Appropriated for Australia (metric measurements, currency etc)
  • Printed in Australia on carbon neutral paper

Instant Online Access

Online Membership & Video access

When you purchase a complete set or Instruction manual for any level, an online member account will be created for you and you'll receive an email with login credentials. This gives you access to all the instructional videos, additional level resources, completion certificates, as well as member downloadable resources for your specific Level.

Any additional complete sets or instruction manuals are then automatically added to your account for easy access.

Skip Count Audio & Booklet

When you purchase a complete set or Instruction manual for any level, an online member account will be created for you and you'll receive an email with login credentials. This gives you access to all the instructional videos, additional level resources, completion certificates, as well as member downloadable resources for your specific Level.

Any additional complete sets or instruction manuals are then automatically added to your account for easy access.

Bonus Resources

  • Lesson Planners
  • Lesson Objectives Sheets
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Math Facts Sheets
  • Online Completion Certificates
  • Research Documentation

Ongoing Support

  • Basic Training & Initial Set up
  • Phone & Online Support

Please note: the images are examples only and differ according to each Level.

How does Each Lesson Work?

Each lesson, from the Foundational Levels to the Advanced Levels, is laid out in a similar step-by-step format. This is the winning formula when teaching maths - and the entire process is based on the CRA (Concrete-Representational-Abstract) methodology. This helps students translate maths concepts from the manipulative blocks (a concrete concept they can touch and feel) to a 2D representation of the blocks (representational) and then into the numbers and symbols (abstract). 

This simple lesson format is easy to teach too, even if you don't have prior teaching experience. Many parents, teachers and tutors highly recommend the program because of its simple approach and ease of use.

The program includes the following key aspects:

Step-by-step instructions are provided for every lesson so you know exactly what to teach and how to teach it.

Lesson-by-lesson online videos explain each topic you're teaching - like your very own private tutor.

The student workbooks provide your student/s with practice questions to reinforce what has been taught.

The use of manipulatives in each lesson is research-proven to dramatically engage and enhance learning for each student 

End of lesson tests make it easy to see what your student has understood - and which topics needs more work.

Having a complete testing pathway is research-proven to work for your student in helping identify the gaps they have missed, as well as being a great tool for you to know what to continue to focus on.

The first step is to figure out where your student is at and determine their level of maths understanding. Then you know where to start, what topics to focus on, and what gaps need to be filled in. Your student's results are then automatically calculated and you're directed to the recommended level to start on, based on your student's understanding.
You can take the free online Placement Test here.

What manipulatives do you need for each level?



Fraction Overlays






























Multisensory Maths is grounded in two key principles:

Mastery-based teaching

Maths is a sequential subject. Every concept must be clearly understood before moving onto the next. Our approach includes getting students to teach a concept back to you—the maths teacher or tutor—to demonstrate that mastery has been achieved.

We follow a simple 4-Step Process for introducing, practicing, mastering and reviewing every concept. Our process gives maths teachers all the information and tools you’ll need to help a student progress onto the next lesson.

This innovative program brings simplicity to maths teaching, benefitting schools, homeschoolers and tutors across Australia.

Concept-based learning

While memorising basic facts and formulas is still an essential part of learning, we know that learning to apply concepts to real-life is what really makes them stick.

Our teaching starts with (in our early levels) hands-on 'manipulatives' so kids get to actually see, touch and feel the numbers they are working with. We use this multi-sensory experience to solve fun, everyday life situations in maths.

As students progress to the more abstract, the early-level learning serves as a solid foundation for truly understanding new concepts... all the way up to our university-grade levels in Pre-calculus and Calculus.

Got more questions about multisensory maths?