make maths easy

How do you make maths easy?

When teaching our kids maths, we have aspirations for their education and how we can impact it in a positive way. How do we make maths engaging, fun and memorable? How do we teach them numbers in a way that will serve them for their future study, careers and employment?

How can we engage our kids when learning maths?

The answer is simple. Teach them maths using step-by-step instructions, hands-on tools and a sense of humour. There's a whole lot more that can be added there, but let's leave it at that to keep it simple. 

Do you enjoy teaching maths to your kids?

This is a simple question, but one that is important to answer honestly. Does maths and numbers excite you? Do you understand maths and the way to use numbers? Or are you overwhelmed with the subject? Did you hate maths at school and are terrified of teaching it to your kids now?

That's a great place to start, because your child will definitely pick up on the way you teach maths. Guaranteed. If you love the subject, they'll be excited about it too. If you're dreading the moment you have to pull out the maths books to fulfil your homeschool curriculum requirements, they'll know that too. 

make maths easy

We've created online Trainings so that parents can have the step-by-step methods and tools on how to teach maths and be able to confidently share this with their kids. We've had so much good feedback from these sessions, and even mum's who are still finger counting themselves have been able to successfully teach algebra to their kids!

If you are one of those mums who don't know how to teach such a complex subject and need some hands-on help, you can check out our specific Parent Trainings here.

What's the solution for teaching maths easily?

We've all been there before. We've all struggled to teach maths and have felt pressured to find a way of making maths engaging and exciting for our kids. 

The thing is, it doesn't have to be hard. 

Once you have the support you need, and know how to teach the concepts to your kids, you'll be up and away in no time. Maths will be the new favourite subject, because you'll be able to share numbers in a fun and exciting way.

Here's a few simple tips to teach your kids maths in a fun and engaging way. It makes maths easy, and it makes your job as the teacher much more enjoyable when your kids are having fun!

make maths easy

7 Simple Ways to Make Maths Easy

1. Encourage Humour and Giggles

Maths is meaningful and necessary. We could approach it with a no nonsense attitude or as our very own Mr. Demme displays time and time again, you can welcome giggles and smiles into the lesson. Put on your best funny voice and read word problems, put on a mini play to act them out, or break out the art supplies to draw them. Take a moment to create fun stories or jokes for the problems. Most importantly enjoy maths with your kids! 

2. Say NO to Negativity

Self-confidence is key to captivating children. Spotlight the positive aspects of a child's work to encourage them. Research has proven that when an educator truly believes that every child is capable of maths mastery it makes a huge difference in your kid's outcomes. Regardless of their progress, encourage them and provide reassurance that you believe in them! 

3. Include Maths Games and Activities

Purposeful games and activities are an incredible tool to introduce a fun element into your maths lessons. There are a tremendous number of options available to purchase. You can also visit Pinterest for a wealth of DIY ideas. Some children enjoy creating their own games, problems, and activities. There's an app for that too, check out your App store to review all of the fun educational apps available. The best maths related games and activities address skill development and provide lots of fun for kids!

There's also 100 Maths Activities you can work through with your children. The best thing is, these activities include outdoor learning, so your kids will be active and learning their maths at the same time. 

make maths easy

4. Make Sure You're Teaching at your Child's Pace

Children learn at individual paces and thats okay! Maths is sequential so when a child rushes from concept to concept without achieving mastery they struggle with more difficult concepts later. More importantly, your child is deprived of the joy of understanding what they are actually doing with numbers and patterns. Following your child's pace allows them to engage, grapple, and enjoy the excitement of the lightbulb moments when they finally "get it".  

5. Be Excited when They Get it Right!

Be sure to acknowledge those moments when the lightbulb goes off and when your child "gets it". Pause and revel in the joy of learning. Expressing this excitement and joy with your kids will help them to develop a lifelong love of learning!

Whether we are teaching in a classroom or at the kitchen table, we have aspirations for our kids and their education, including making lessons fun and memorable! Share some of your favourite tips to make maths fun!

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6. Celebrate their Progress

No matter how small, celebrate improvements. Acknowledging progress along the way is just as important as reaching the end goal of maths mastery. A simple "way to go" goes a long way. Accolades are best when you can frame it around your child and not as a judgement from the teacher or parent. Some easy phrases to incorporate are "You did it!" or "You got it!" Even better link it to a specific concept or task.

Example: "Outstanding! You were able to correctly compute 36 facts on today's maths drill. That is 5 more than earlier this week!"

7. Encourage Mastery of maths

Whether your child achieves mastery on the very first worksheet or later in a lesson, celebrate it! Each child is unique and so is their journey to maths mastery. For a large task, such as mastering the multiplication facts, a pat on the back and a "well done" may be suitable for one child. While a special meal, treat or prize may be in order for a child who took several months to achieve the same goal. In all instances, celebrate mastery so that your child feels the fulfilment and joy of learning. 

Want some more maths activities?

Here's some of our favourite maths activities that can be shared with your kids to engage them in the best way possible - through fun and games! Kids love playing games (didn't we all?!??) so we've made a list of 100 Maths Activities that you can do with them. No pressure, it might take you the next year to complete the list!

Here's the free download:

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If you want to check out our entire maths program behind this methodology, you'll find that you can effectively provide your child with a wonderful maths program. Once you experience how easy maths can be to teach using step-by-step instructions and lesson videos, you'll be hooked. 

But, don't take our word for it. Ask the thousands of homeschooling, unschooling, home educating parents who love the program already and continue to use it with their kids for excellent results.

Hope it helps!

Esther White

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