How the Math-U-See program aligns with the National Australian Curriculum

Math-U-See has been proven to be effective for maths instruction

The research-proven methodology used throughout the Math-U-See program has successfully improved student's outcomes in mathematics worldwide. Teachers, tutors and intervention specialists continue to use this maths program for effective maths instruction. The Math-U-See program can be aligned with the Australian National Curriculum and meet the necessary state requirements for numeracy. 


( Pre-school to Grade 8 and Intervention )


A Fun Introduction to Maths


Mastering Single Digit Addition and Subtraction


Addition and Subtraction for Multi-Digit Numbers


Multiplication for Single and Multi-Digit Numbers


Short & long Division, Solving problems with all 4 operations


Fractions, Factors, Mixed Numbers and more


Decimals, Percents and Conversions

The Math-U-See program focuses on multi-sensory maths using hands-on tools, engaging all learning styles:





Students progress through each level sequentially (left to right above) to build on the foundational principles learnt in the previous levels. Because of the foundational, mastery based approach used throughout the program, each student is supported to understand and master each concept before moving forward. The layout of the program also caters to each student's learning speed and ability.

By using specific hands-on tools to teach maths, student are able to learn complex concepts in a simple way. Foundational maths that are notoriously hard to learn and hard to teach, such as Place Value, become simple. Students are able to grasp these concepts because of this important multisensory approach to maths instruction. 

To check the alignment of the Math-U-See program to the Australian National Curriculum, you can download the overview below:

How Math-U-See aligns with the Australian Curriculum

Maximise your student's ease in mastering maths or use as a response to intervention. Math-U-See teaches using a sequential, student-paced and mastery-based framework.

Our focus is on the student understanding and applying real maths concepts using auditory, visual and kinaesthetic modes, and to progress through our learning levels with confidence. Mastery in each foundational area is achieved before progressing to the next, and as a result, Math-U-See does not comply on a year-by-year basis with the ACARA guidelines. Students cover all learning areas, but in a modified sequence.

The following documentation features the objectives achieved when teaching according to our evidence-based, sequential methodology and outlines how Math-U-See aligns with the National Curriculum.

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How the Australian Curriculum aligns with Math-U-See

As a registered school, training organisation, parent or home educator, you may be required to follow our National Curriculum and the spiral-based approach to maths education.

The Math-U-See program has been thoroughly reviewed by the Senior Numeracy Consultant and Manager of Special Pedagogies (T-9) with the Northern Territory Government Department of Education. The result is an easy to use guide to help you effectively use Math-U-See within ACARA's framework.

The following documentation provides you with all you need to easily integrate our multi-sensory approach to maths mastery. Using our hands-on manipulatives, Teacher Instruction Packs and comprehensive Student Workbooks, teachers can teach every maths concept following a concrete to abstract approach, and effectively teaching every student.

We are always updating and improving our documentation with the most relevant compliance information and development. Updates will be made available here.

Independent School
Math-U-See to ACARA alignment review

To determine if Math-U-See fit their school curriculum requirements, an independent school in QLD, Australia trialed the Math-U-See program from Foundations to Year 6 school-wide.

To comply with the National Australian requirements for reporting student progress, they provided the following documentation to exemplify how teachers are able to blend the effectiveness of our sequential, mastery-based approach in maths instruction with the content ascertained by ACARA as being essential for students in the Primary Years. 

This can be used by all teachers to identify the key areas to focus on when implementing Math-U-See in the classroom

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