Math-U-See Placement Tests

A diagnostic tool for your student

Every student has a unique level of maths mastery.

It is important to identify each students' level of mastery and to work from that point, filling in any gaps and building strong foundations for their successful progression

Math-U-See diagnostic placement tests   allow you to:

  • identify a student’s current level of maths mastery
  • select the right level for each student to begin the Math-U-See program
  • discover any gaps in their understanding to help plan additional support as they progress.

To receive the most benefit from your implementation of Maths Australia’s Math-U-See Curriculum, it is vital that you correctly place each student in the level congruent with:

a) Their current level of maths mastery and

b) Where they begin to struggle in their understanding of maths.

To accurately identify this stage of maths mastery, complete the Placement Tests below in the prescribed order.

Step 1.
Determine where your student should start

Determine if your student should begin at the Alpha Level

If your student is finger counting, can recognise, read, and write the numbers 0-10, start them on the Alpha Level.

There is no need to complete placement tests if your student is finger counting, regardless of their age or ability.

Math-U-Sees Alpha Level will wean students from finger counting and teach solid foundations in place value which they will retain and use all the way through to Algebra. Finger counting is often the cause of a student's struggle in maths!

Watch the video below to hear us explain it a little better!

Step 2.
Download your placement test

If your student is not finger counting, can recognise, read, and write the numbers 0-10, start at the Alpha level placement test and progress through each Placement Test until the student begins to struggle or shows signs of not understanding the questions.

When the student scores less than 90% on a test, stop right there. This marks their current level of maths mastery and shows you the right level for them to begin the Math-U-See program.

For example, if your student scores below 90% on the Gamma Placement Test, this means you will begin Math-U-See at the Gamma level.

Step 3.
Order your correct Math-U-See level now

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