Australia's #1 Multi-Sensory Maths Specialists

Transform numeracy outcomes through evidence-based multi-sensory maths understanding and explicit instruction. 

Maths Australia provides an effective, hands-on and multi-sensory approach to learning maths

Students get to learn in the style that best suits them. 
Engaging all the senses, learning is retained thanks to our proven Build-Draw-Write-Say method.

Clear sequential lessons help students learn at their own pace, focusing on complete mastery, one concept at a time.

Anyone can learn to teach
our programs using the extensive instructions, step-by-step video lessons and resource sheets.

We teach in a cumulative way so when your student masters a concept then they progress to the next, building on the knowledge they have already gained.

Students build their maths confidence and boost their enthusiasm as they progress.

The benefits of mastering maths has positive effects on the brain (especially if previously struggling), helping to instill confidence for life.

Multi-Sensory Maths Training
for Educators

Our specialised online training equips teachers, tutors & parents seeking confidence in how to teach based on research recommendations and an understanding of the way we learn. 

Placement Tests -
Discover your students' maths needs

Our FREE online placement testing tool is designed to identify a students current level of maths mastery, and where you need to begin to support learning.

What Our Customers Say

Lisa Bumpstead


My son was in grade 4 when we first started. He had been in the lowest maths stream at school for years. His school reports showed declining maths performance. This was of great concern as he is challenged by reading and writing due to dyslexia and has Development Coordination Disorder.

It was a structured approach with actual lessons. I had heard that other families in the dyslexia community had used the program with success.

My son is now in grade 5 and in the enriched maths class at school. His confidence grew after just completing the first book which was multiplication. His experience of success is now producing more success. It has changed my sons trajectory.

Anyone who is able to put time into helping their child progress. The program structure factors in working memory issues so it is ideal for children with a SLD.

Sonia Attwood


Teaching "time" with the manipulatives made so much sense to my little one. It's so much easier than anything else I've used before. Math-U-See is great!

Student at Athena School

School Student

I love Math-U-See! These books really give you the mastery of a maths subject. This has really changed my point of view about fractions ten-fold. I used to have fractions because they were "too complicated" bit the Epsilon level has really helped me push through that. I hope I have even more wins like this one for the next levels. Go Math-U-See!

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How our multi-sensory maths program works

At Maths Australia, we base all numeracy instruction - Pre-school to Year 12 - on multi-sensory, student-paced learning.

It makes teaching maths simpler for you, and learning maths more enjoyable for your student/s.

Based on extensive research, these adaptable tools deliver key maths concepts in ways that enable every student to learn maths in the style that suits them.