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For Parents and Home Educators

Maths Australia’s Math-U-See Program was specifically developed for home educators, to cater to each child’s individual learning style.

For Schools, Tutors and Teachers.

Math-U-See is ideal for catering to the unique needs of students in classrooms and small group settings.

Whether gifted, requiring intervention, or of average numeracy ability,  our multi sensory approach enables all students of all abilities to excel in maths. As a complete maths program, we ensure mastery and enjoyment of maths in line with ACARA Guidelines.                      

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Success Stories

The Math-U-See program is brilliant. My 15 year old who is having trouble understanding positives and negatives and algebra, has found the DVD easy to understand, and the concepts are finally clicking in her brain.

I am about to order the rest of the packs (geometry etc) for her as well as the Delta Pack for another of my younger children. We are using it in addition to what she is learning at school, but it is paying dividends big time so far.

Regards, Gaby

Gaby, Smithton, Tasmania

They [ my children ] are doing really well.

Me, I am very happy with the [ Math-U-See ] program. I like how sequential it is, especially for slower learners, and how it can be adapted for brighter ones (less practice before testing).

Thanks for your effort in helping us bring it to our students!

Karen, Taree, New South Wales

We have been using the Math U See program for our children for the past 2 years. We home educate our children and have done so for the past 3 years.

Both my husband and I know the importance of understanding maths concepts well before you move on to a new area. If the understanding and strong foundation is not there you can get very lost then loose confidence. We researched different maths curriculum for 1 year before finally finding the Math U See program . We were so excited to find a program to suit our visual, kinaesthetic and tactile learners. The program made so much sense to us.

Our children now enjoy doing their maths lessons, I get them to teach the concept back to me so I know they have mastered it before they move on. We have been so happy with the program, our kids have achieved so much in a short period of time.

Regards, Karen

Karen D, Mornington, Victoria

Math-U-See offers a concrete, logical, systematic and very sensible approach to maths right from the early years. Prior to trying Math-U-See I watched my son attempting to ‘memorise’ maths without a logical system to follow. I would get frustrated when he could not remember the very basics and assumed he just wasn’t ‘maths-minded’. But I began to see that he had no structure or framework in which to understand and visualise the concepts.

Steve, through Math-U-See provides such a framework and Maths has become enjoyable for my son. It is now the first thing we do every day and he loves it!

Jude, Brisbane, Queensland