"Starting the Revolution"
ATSIMA Conference
10-13 July, 2018

ATSIMA, together with the  Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, is excited to announce its 3rd Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance conference.

The conference will bring together a collaboration of leaders, educators and stakeholders from Community, education, research, and business sectors around Australia with an intent to transform maths education through research and evidence-based enquiry into "what really works".

Esther White, of Evidence Based Education Resources Inc, is delighted to be sharing Maths Australia's "Math-U-See" Program and the necessity of teaching students using a multi sensory, sequential and mastery-based manner.

If you are a parent, student or educator, come be part of this collaboration, and join us 10th July with a hands-on & interactive workshop:

"Transforming Maths for Indigenous Students through CRA Methodology of Maths Instruction"
see full program here

When: Tuesday 10th July - Friday 13th July, 2018

Where: RMIT University, 445 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

*See ATSIMA website to register and pay

We're looking forward to seeing you there and supporting Indigenous Australian education through multi-sensory maths.

The Team at Maths Australia

"At Maths Australia, we believe that each and every student can master maths when they are taught the way they learn! We believe it is our responsibility as educators to present maths using an evidence-based methodology, so that each student has equal opportunity to be empowered through mastering maths and can apply maths with confidence in their everyday lives." - Esther White, Evidence Based Education Resources Inc.

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