Maths Australia offers a range of Multi Sensory Maths training for teachers, tutors and parents. 

For Teachers, Tutors & Intervention Specialists

On-Site and Online Professional Development

For Parents, Home Educators and Carers

Teachers Training
For Teachers, Tutors & Intervention Specialists


Join us for a full day of hands-on practice and be shown the simple and effective ways (through using our interactive Integer Blocks) to teach maths foundations for your student - place value, addition, subtraction, time and basic math functions which form the basis of all maths learning. You'll see how easy maths can be - when taught in the right way, using the right manipulatives. Suitable for teachers, tutors and parents wanting to up-skill and teach students from P - 7, and for those requiring intervention.

ONLINE: 1-Day workshops available

IN PERSON: 2-Day workshops available 


Join us for a full day of hands-on training and be wowed at how easy it can be for your student to  understand (and how easy it is to teach!) fractions when taught using our dynamic Fraction Overlays.
This full day session together will ensure a joy and confidence in teaching fractions to all students, whether advanced, at a general level, or for those requiring intervention.

ONLINE: 1-Day workshops available

IN PERSON: 2-Day workshops available 



This 5 Day Training is specific for those who desire to become multisensory maths specialists, and want to teach maths through effective, proven ways for their students. Teaching strong foundations in maths, using hands-on tools and following specific research-proven methodologies is the key. Once you have these tools under your belt, you will not only have the confidence to become a more proficient teacher, but impact your students, their families and the wider community through teaching maths skills that can be used for life. Our 5-day training is tailored to our attendees, making this training perfect for Intervention Specialists. We're very excited to have you join us!

IN PERSON: Full 5 Day Trainings - QLD Jan 2022
ONLINE: Commencing Term 2, 2021

Schools Training
On-Site and Online Professional Development

Professional Development For Schools

We're now offering both online and on-site professional development sessions for schools, TAFE and other training organisations. In these specific sessions, research-based methodologies are explained in-depth and hands-on tools are introduced for teaching basic to advanced maths. We cover pedagogy and implementation strategies for ease of implementing a CRA methodology in your current - or proposed - teaching plan. Presented by experienced specialists, these are perfect for teachers in small groups or classrooms and applicable for general students, advanced learners, and those requiring intervention.

Participants will receive:
- A comprehensive Training manual
- Extensive training time throughout the session
- Research proven documentation
- The simple 4 Step Approach to maths mastery
- Bonus resources and downloadables
- Ongoing support from our friendly team
Please note: appropriate manipulatives are required for these sessions

Each Professional Development session will be tailored to your schools' individual needs. Please contact us directly to discuss what options best suit you and your organisation.

750 AUD Half Day ONLINE (3 hrs) 

 1500 AUD Full Day ONLINE (6 hrs)

Full Day IN PERSON - By enquiry

IN PERSON: On-site training available
ONLINE: Tailored to your school's requirements

Parents Training
For Parents, Home Educators and Carers

MSMT-Parents Cover

MultiSensory Maths: Online Workshop for Parents

Our Multisensory Maths: Online Workshop for Parents is designed for parents who are passionate about wanting their kids to succeed and who want to become confident in teaching maths at home, beyond the basics. The strategies you'll learn are suitable for enhancing general maths well beyond expectation and are ideal for kids with general ability, learning differences and those requiring intervention.

ONLINE: 2 hour Online Workshop


Coming Soon: Online Video Training Series for Parents

We are in the process of creating a mini video training course for parents. This course will give you a great introduction to the Math-U-See methodology as well as tips, tricks and guides to teaching Math-U-See in the most effective way to see lasting, positive results.

ONLINE: Video training course

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