Meet the friendly team behind Maths Australia


CEO and National Program Co-ordinator

As the National Program Co-ordinator for Maths Australia, Esther’s passion is for every Australian child to be empowered in life through a strong foundation in maths. Esther is proud to present Math-U-See, our award winning numeracy program that is based on research and evidence, teaching to every child’s learning style and equipping teachers with a simple-to-follow and hands-on methodology.

Her warmth and vision are palpable as she shares from her own 18 years of experience in teaching and sharing effective strategies and proven systems for maths mastery.


Senior Support Officer

Megan is the solid foundation of Maths Australia and is very involved and passionate about effectively communicating our message and truly meeting the needs of Australian educators and students. She oversees daily operations and manages communications throughout the company.

Megan is our main contact for customers, providing excellence in support, information and follow up to those who have expressed interest in, or are using Math U See. 


Customer Support Representative

Jasmine handles all customer needs in Maths Australia and co-ordinates our events. Having worked with numerous businesses in customer service, she engages with customers smoothly and efficiently in order to create ease when ordering, reviewing, asking a question or contacting Math-U-See.

Jasmine was also taught the Math-U-See program throughout her own primary and secondary school education and so has a deep understanding of the way Math-U-See teaches maths mastery.

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