Hear fellow teachers, parents and tutors share of their success

in using Math-U-See for maths mastery

J Horwood, QLD

I am wanting to share how much the Math U See program has been of benefit to my daughter.

My daughter is 15 and has been diagnosed with Asperger (diagnosed grade 2), with Dyslexia & Dyscalculia (diagnosed by Psychologist at 14yrs). For years we were unable to determine exactly why she was unable to grasp mathematics.

We have used numerous tactile methods, but it became evident quite quickly that her learning was challenged as well, although she is a highly intelligent child with an exceptionally quick wit and amazing knowledge of world history and events. Her long term memory is quite exceptional, her short term memory is terrible.

When she started grade 9, she began using Math U See (starting at the beginning-Alpha Level) to try and re establish a base of maths in her brain. It has worked, she is now up to Gamma, mastering multiplication and is retaining the majority. Maths no longer stresses her as it used to.

Thank you Math U See.....there is a bright future for my Child.

Jennifer R. - Learning Support Teacher, All Saints Anglican School 

Kids are loving the program and one of our boys who has an intellectual impairment, started correctly adding up scores on Masterchef the other night- much to his parents surprise and delight!!! Great to see that he has held the skills and generalising them- Happy Days!!!!


I have been using Math-U-See for 10 years since my twins were in year 1 and my eldest was in year 5. The twins are now in year 10 and have completed Alpha through Geometry. My oldest son is now finished school and studying to be an electrical technician. Math-U-See gave him a solid grounding in the maths he needs to know in his career. The Instructional DVDs and Teacher's Manuals are so easy to understand! I could easily learn each concept and pass the knowledge onto my children with minimal preparation time, well planned lessons and systematic reviews.

All of my kids are kinaesthetic learners so the blocks and fraction overlays helped them to 'see' the maths in a concrete way, and the methods used are simple but better than any methods that I have seen in any classroom in my work as a Learning Support Officer in schools. I just want to say, 'thankyou' to Math-U-See for helping to make our homeschool journey easier. It has been a pleasure working with you ….


We just wanted to let you know that we are completely satisfied with the Math-U-See program. We chose the program after researching math programs that primarily supported visual learners. I became aware my son had a gap in his maths knowledge when he was identified as performing below the national standard. I knew he was a visual learner because he takes after me and I was able to recognise the signs.

Research on the internet revealed that most children who are visual learners struggle primarily with math bonds, due to a lack of emphasis (especially tactile) on these basics. I find most teachers assume that getting children to do lots of colouring in or writing - paperwork - is what visual learners need. They fail to understand that a visual learner needs to incorporate tactile emphasis in order to have reciprocal benefit. Math-U-See does this effortlessly, and we have thoroughly enjoyed using the program….


I highly recommend Math U See to other homeschool friends. My daughter began homeschooling in term 4 last year and completed the entire Gamma Level in 8 weeks, as we are trying to catch her up to where she should be for her age. She has gone from passionately HATING maths and mentally shutting down at the mere mention of it, to actually asking for maths problems to be given to her in her free time - for fun! It has been wonderful to see the change in her opinion of "Maths" and to watch her actively engage in maths problems with enthusiasm has been a truly bittersweet journey for me as both Mum and her teacher. It's been a lot of hard one on one work and patience to get my daughter on the right track in maths, and I would like to take this opportunity to commend the Math-U-See program for the wonderful tool it has been in the process of making her learning easier and her understanding of maths a solid one.

Aimee and Matt

We wanted a non fuss, easy to teach maths program that would give our boys a love of maths and we got this and much, much more. Our 3 boys started this program and were all struggling with maths. Now we see 3 confident little maths men who are all receiving top marks and asking to do maths all the time.

Jude, Parent

Math-U-See offers a logical, systematic and very sensible approach to Maths right from the early years. Prior to trying Math-U-See I watched my son attempting to 'memorise' maths without a logical system to follow. I would get frustrated when he could not remember the very basics and assumed he just wasn't 'Maths-minded'. But I began to see that he had no structure or framework in which to understand and visualise the concepts. Steve, through Math-U-See provides such a framework and Maths has become enjoyable for my son. It is now the first thing we do every day and he loves it!


The program made so much sense to us. Our children now enjoy doing their maths lessons, I get them to teach the concept back to me so I know they have mastered it before they move on.We have been so happy with the program, our kids have achieved so much in a short period of time…


I recommend this program to everyone who is having issues with math or just wanting to find a good program. The hands on Manipulatives, Fraction Overlays , and the Algebra/Decimal Inserts set has made math easier to understand. We will use this program to its end!


We are enjoying Math U See immensely . Nice to have a visual and real life maths for our home education. Sometimes l just need to have things set out easily for me instead of having to think of ideas for every subject.


We are having great success with Math-U-See. My children are visual learners so it suits them both. Even I concord my arch nemisis, long division! Woo hoo! I must say I was quite worried how I was going to teach it when I didn't understand it. Watching the Lesson-by-Lesson DVD and reading the instructions really didn't help much but hubbie watched and read and explained it and what do you know, after all these years I got it. We are having a great deal of success, so will not deviate now.


I have 5 children and this is the best maths tool we have ever being lucky enough to use. I have a 9 yr old daughter who has cerebral palsy and just last year learnt to count to 100 using Math-U-See . She is loving it and it's hard to tear her away from maths. Using the blocks has made it fun and the teacher pack teaches you how to teach your child.