Here's what fellow teachers, tutors and parents have shared about using Math-U-See for maths mastery.

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Lisa Bailey

We are a homeschooling family of three and have been using Math-U-See since Day One! It has clear instructions in the teacher manual and video lessons, very easy to use, and the blocks make it so simple to explain math problems. Highly recommend this program!

Christie-Ann Barnes

I started using Math-U-See half way through grade 5 with my kids when I started home schooling. I didn’t have a good grasp of mathematics myself but the easy way each lesson is explained, with the instruction manual and videos, makes my job easy! Without Math-U-See I wouldn’t be able to teach my kids maths!

Julie Lockyer Principal, Caloundra Christian College

The kids are so excited about learning with Math-U-See! We actually have to stop them doing maths now!

Bethany Khune

Since beginning with the Math U See program, our daughter has been making great progress! In the past, my attempts to teach Maths using other approaches was met with resistance. Now she actually enjoys what she is learning and is able to grasp Maths concepts quickly and easily, then move on to the next lesson. Being an auditory learner, she really enjoys the video lessons but also benefits from the coloured blocks and the build, write, say approach. I would highly recommend the Math U See program to other parents.

Paula Stewart

We have been using Math-U-See in our homeschool right from the start, so that is 12 years. We love this program. The teaching videos are excellent and the mastery method of learning has been really beneficial for my children. They are all doing very well in their maths using your wonderful program!

Kylie Anderson

Math-U-See is a thorough curriculum that teaches concepts in an easy to understand way so that students don't just do the exercises but actually understand the reasoning behind the methods. We have used Math-U-See for the last three years in our home school and will continue to do so until our kids graduate.

Anna Maria Gulia

Our children have grown up studying maths with Math-U-See. We have really enjoyed it, and the children have learned so much more using this method – than any other maths program. Thank you.

Toni Learning Support Teacher

Research reveals that most children who are visual learners struggle primarily with math bonds, due to a lack of emphasis (especially tactile) on these basics. I find most teachers assume that getting children to do lots of colouring in or writing - paperwork - is what visual learners need. They fail to understand that a visual learner needs to incorporate tactile emphasis in order to have reciprocal benefit. Math-U-See does this effortlessly, and we have thoroughly enjoyed using the program.

Jen Muir

I am a homeschooling parent of two primary aged children. We’ve been using Math-U-See for a few months or so now, and have noticed a distinct difference in the kids’ attitude toward maths as well as their confidence in doing the work - which both together, have seen them increase their mastery of maths in leaps and bounds. I am so glad to have found this useful tool, that grows with us, and would absolutely recommend to anyone involved in the education of children.

Robyn Munns

I am a High School Maths Teacher and also homeschooling my kids. I have a great deal of confidence in the Math-U-See Program due to the succinct explanations, clear reasoning and multi-sensory (show and feel) aspect to it. My third son is up to the advanced levels and just about to begin - we are both looking forward to it!

Sally Farelly

I have been using Math-U-See resources for 15 years. I will soon be starting my 6th child on it. In all my years of homeschooling this is the only curriculum that has stood the test of time.

Ursula Stone

I have found that using “maths mastery” as an approach, my daughter understands and retains information much better. She has auditory processing disorder and easily gets distracted or doesn’t comprehend – but the Math-U-See videos are simple to understand and because she is a tactile and visual learner, the manipulatives are perfect! I make sure she has time to process what she’s been taught, comprehend and get it right. Using Math-U-See’s techniques of teaching mastery, I’ve used the same teaching method through her other subjects and it works quite well!

Claudia Walwyn

I first started Maths-U-see with my eldest child when she was 7, having been totally confused and left behind by the standard school maths books. As soon as we switched to the Maths-U-see program, I saw her start to gain the firm foundation in maths that she had been lacking. I then had both of my younger children start, and have loved it all the way through. It's such a simple, easy to use curriculum, which enables kids to gain confidence and mastery at their own pace. We absolutely love it and I plan to continue all the way through high school!

Terri Nesbit-Foster Head of Learning Enrichment, St. Joseph's Nudgee Junior College

We've seen significant improvements - in just one term - through using Math-U-See. Very impressed.

Michelle Du Preez

We're a homeschooling family with two kids using Math-U-See. We started at the beginning of our journey and completed the first level, then decided to try another programme - which was a complete disaster! We returned early this year back to Math-U-See and have since seen a remarkable improvement! It's not just for those that struggle with Math either, it's for anyone. We work at the kids pace and as we are using it as a stand-alone curriculum, the kids end up doing more than I’m happy with. It's great to know that at the end of this entire syllabus they can be confident, successful mathematicians!

Honnie Harris

I have started homeschooling this year with my eldest son for ‘prep’ so we have started with Primer this year. I love the videos! They are so helpful to explain it clearly when I don’t quite have the words haha. I wish I got to learn maths this way! My son is enjoying his maths lessons and learning a lot. I couldn’t ask for a better maths curriculum 🙂

Kate Craig

We loved mastering addition and subtraction through using the blocks, video lessons and workbooks. My youngest has finished the first level and we’re all looking forward to the next level! He can’t wait to learn more!

Libby Cotton

I'm a homeschool Mum and have been using Math-U-See for the past 2 years. My daughter has learned so much in that time I'm amazed. I've even learnt new ways of doing maths too (that weren’t taught when I went to school!) She loves using the blocks and so do the younger kids! Thanks Math-U-See!


We have been learning with Math-U-See for almost five years, and it has proved to be a wonderful approach to Math for our family. I especially appreciate the emphasis on mastery, and have seen each of my children grow in their confidence as they are taught the 'why' of Math, not just the 'how'. The emphasis on place value, mastery, and the hands on approach with manipulatives are the core strengths of Math-U-See. I'm so thankful for this program, and also the support we have had along the way when we have had doubts or needed direction. Thankyou!

Nicole Jackson

My eldest has found maths a subject she is easily discouraged by. We trialled numerous other curriculums before finding Math-U-See. Initially these other options seemed to be easier, they were glossier, more colourful, inherently less confronting for a child to try. However, only Math U See enabled her to visualise what she was trying to achieve in solving maths problems, and gave her the memory tricks (often humorous!) to be able to recall what was needed in a given situation. As for myself, even after completing an engineering degree, I have learnt things from Mr Demme about what the equations physically represent that I've never understood before!

Anna Marsh

I have been using Math-U-See as a homeschooling parent for 10 years with children with a variety of learning challenges including Dyslexia, ADD and Aspergers' Syndrome. I love those "aha" moments we have had with Math-U-See. A child (or Mum!) will be struggling with a problem, so we get out the manipulatives again. Suddenly the lights go on because the "struggler" can SEE how the problem works and what the numbers actually mean!

Soong Leng Ho

I really appreciate the instructional videos - Steve Demme is a great teacher and gives clear instructions on understanding the math concepts he is teaching. The student workbooks give ample practice questions and systematic review at regular intervals so my daughter doesn’t forget what she’s learnt. We also use the online resources for drills and extra worksheets when more practice is needed. We love Math-U-See and will be continuing to use it as our main maths resource for years.

Tracy Kelly

We wanted a program that allowed our 3 kids to develop maths in a mastery system. The kids flew through the upper primary levels in a very short space of time with the Math-U-See way, which was really easy to pick up and run with. The videos are full of great content and the teachers manual is always on hand if we needed to go back and clarify something.

It’s a very worthwhile investment!

Elizabeth Schulz

I am a parent of an 8yo boy. My son loves watching the instructional videos and the program is specifically repetitive in all the right areas, building his confidence! Thank you!

Cindy Charden

I recommend this program to everyone who is having issues with math or just wanting to find a good program. The hands on Manipulatives, Fraction Overlays , and the Algebra/Decimal Inserts set has made math easier to understand. We will use this program to its end!

Nicole Jackson

We're using Math-U-See because we can't find any other program that teaches how to use maths in the real world!

Rochelle Homeschool Mum

The Math-U-See blocks are incredible to teach maths with! I have been using them with my older son with fantastic results. I will be recommending Math-U-See to everybody and plan to use it when my younger children start school as well. They are already exploring the integer blocks and getting them out to play with of their own accord - maths in play! Seeing the happiness in my son's face when concepts, which were once elusive, click in his mind is priceless.... Thankyou!

Larteasha Griffen

Your awesome program has been a lifesaver for me as a homeschooling parent! My daughter loves it and she just gets it straight away. We love that it’s multi sensory and this is something that I think a lot of Aboriginal educators will love too. We have tried two other programs that didn’t work but this one we will stick with for a long time!

Jennifer R Learning Support Teacher, All Saints Anglican School

Kids in our class are loving the program - one of the boys, who has an intellectual impairment, started correctly adding up scores on Masterchef the other night- much to his parents surprise and delight!!! Great to see that he has held the skills taught in class using proper methodology and is using them - Happy Days!!!

Kerry Norton

I like the tutorial explanation videos - it makes my life easier as a homeschooling mum having someone else explain the complexity of maths. Plus the workbooks are set out clearly and with no fuss – no overcrowded pages to distract my kids. Both my daughter and son love it!

Rachelle Steven

In 2005, we began homeschooling. We've been using Math-U-See ever since for each of our 7 children. Our youngest has just started and proudly finished his first workbook!

Robbie McFayden

I’m a homeschool mum and have used the Math-U-See program for my special needs kids. It's been so good to be able to teach them in a way that makes sense to them – plus its helped us catch up to a good level with our maths! Thankyou.


We are completely satisfied with the Math-U-See program. I became aware my son had a gap in his maths knowledge when he was identified as performing below the national standard and then we researched other maths programs on the market. I knew he was a visual learner because he takes after me and I was able to recognise the signs - and Math-U-See has supported his learning style to no end. Thankyou!


My daughter has gone from passionately HATING maths and mentally shutting down at the mere mention of it, to actually asking for maths problems to be given to her in her free time - for fun! It has been wonderful to see the change in her opinion of "Maths" and to watch her actively engage in maths problems with enthusiasm! I highly recommend the Math-U-See program and very grateful for the wonderful tool its been in the process of making her learning and understanding of maths a solid one.

Sonia Attwood

Teaching "time" with the manipulatives made so much sense to my little one. It's so much easier than anything else I've used before. Math-U-See is great!

Claudia Tribastoni

I’ve been using Math-U-See for many years with my three children and it has been great with teaching them all the concepts they need to know. From kindergarten and now into high school –
my kids and I love it.


I've used Math-U-See as a homeschooling parent for a number of years now,. The use of the manipulatives really helps to make sense of what is happening with the numbers. My youngest daughter particularly enjoyed learning “subtraction with borrowing” using the blocks. It just makes sense.

Cathy Newby

From the very beginning, my kids have seamlessly transitioned over to Math-U-See’s way of doing Maths. They loved the easy-to-watch videos and through using all of the multi-sensory resources, my kids got to move through the levels their own pace. After using Math-U-See, my kids started getting 90-100% right for each lesson test right up to high school and my eldest did his Bachelor of Science and received 94%. So for us, the proof has been in the pudding.

Kim Hol

As a former High School Mathematics teacher and longtime maths tutor, I could see straight away the benefits of the Math-U-See method. A true benefit is 'seeing' the maths in action with the blocks - really helps students understand the concepts. Teaching students the basics really sets them up to understand mathematics and it builds their understanding and confidence as they move through each level. Math-U-See teaches the why before the how - I even find myself blown away sometimes when I see something that I never knew the why of what we did, I just knew how to do it (I learnt a formula). Forever grateful.


We have been learning with Math-U-See for almost five years now. I especially appreciate the emphasis on mastery, and have seen each of my children grow in their confidence as they are taught the 'why' of Math, not just the 'how'. I’m nearly 40years old, and I find myself wishing I had had the opportunity to master Math with this method! But I get to be involved now as I learn alongside my children as they homeschool - it's great!

Karen Galvin

We switched to Math-U-See when one of my sons was struggling to understand maths about 4 years ago. The manipulatives and sequential building of maths skills has helped him amazingly and now all my children use Math-U-See. Attention to detail and accuracy have been one of the many benefits we have discovered. Thank you!

Karen Homeschooling Parent

The program made so much sense to us. Our children now enjoy doing their maths lessons, I get them to teach the concept back to me so I know they have mastered it before they move on. We have been so happy with the program, our kids have achieved so much in a short period of time…

Jodie Jayatilaka

We’ve been using Math-U-See for all six of our children. I love the programs flexibility to slow down or speed up. The video instructions means the older children can move through the program independently and they have helped me refresh my own math 🙂 The manipulatives and multi-sensory approach has especially suited my five boys with their nimble fingers and need to touch everything! Honestly, we really enjoy our Maths lessons first thing every day! It's also worked for teaching multiple children at multiple levels. My older sons transitioned into high school, competent and confident in their math ability without any difficulty. I love the consistent approach across the years and mastery expectation.

Heather Beames

Math-U-See was recommended to us when we first started home schooling over 10 years ago and all of our four children have all really enjoyed it. We have looked at other programs but nothing has ever come up to the standard of this program. Thankyou.

J Horwood QLD

My daughter is 15 and has been diagnosed with Asperger, Dyslexia & Dyscalculia. Her long term memory is quite exceptional, her short term memory is terrible. For years we were unable to determine exactly why she was unable to grasp mathematics. When she started grade 9, she began using Math-U-See to try and re-establish a base of maths in her brain. The multi-sensory, videos and way maths is taught to mastery has worked and now she is mastering multiplication and is retaining the majority. Maths no longer stresses her as it used to. Thank you Math-U-See.....there is a bright future for my child.

Jodie Jayatilaka

We’ve been using Math-U-See for all six of our children. Honestly, we really enjoy our Maths lessons first thing every day! It's also worked for teaching multiple children at multiple levels. I love the consistent approach across the years and mastery expectation

Melissa Kinnaird Parent

I love that Maths U See teaches maths in a logical order. Nothing is missed - it teaches the foundations first before moving on to harder maths concepts. My daughter is making great progress with her maths as a result! Maths-U-See great for homeschool parents who want to teach their own children but want some help remembering what order to do it in. The program also goes from Primary school maths right through to highschool maths, so you have the same effective system the whole way. It's so easy to use!

Kerrianne Homeschooling Parent

We are having great success with Math-U-See. My children are visual learners so it suits them both. Even I concord my arch nemisis, long division! Woo hoo! I must say I was quite worried how I was going to teach it when I didn't understand it. Watching the Lesson-by-Lesson DVD and reading the instructions really didn't help much but hubbie watched and read and explained it and what do you know, after all these years I got it. We are having a great deal of success, so will not deviate now.

Melissa Den

We have been using Math-U-See for 10 years now. All our three children have enjoyed the program and its easy to follow methods of teaching maths. We’re very happy and highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a maths solution. Thank you!

Narelle Hose Specialist Tutor

Math-U- See is a brilliant program. It encourages the student to use all of their senses, providing the opportunity to link information through hands-on manipulatives to what is already known and understood - and to be able to use it in everyday life!


I am a home educating mum of two children with very different learning styles and learning disabilities. I love that the student workbook is set out so spaciously. My kids don’t get distracted by pictures or overly crowded pages. Thankyou for making it easy for them to achieve and enjoy maths!

Caroline Graske-Borst

As a homeschooling family we've been using Math-U-See for the past five years and we're very happy with the results. Its developed great maths skills in a subject that was otherwise not their natural strength (and not what they liked to do!) Thankyou Math-U-See.

Sandra Warfe

My kids are enjoying learning! I have four kids and the way Math-U-See teaches with an individualised, sequential approach really works... it means they all can be doing maths and be on different levels, but I still know that they're learning it properly!

Aimee and Matt Homeschooling Parents

We wanted a non fuss, easy to teach maths program that would give our boys a love of maths and we got this and much, much more. Our 3 boys started this program and were all struggling with maths. Now we see 3 confident little maths men who are all receiving top marks and asking to do maths all the time.

Rachel Wortlehock

Thank you so much! We have begun using Math-U-See this year since we started homeschooling. My children had a lot of catching up to do with their maths from being at school and this program is thorough, well paced and easy to follow. They have made huge improvements so far!

Jackie Verrico

Math-U-See is a great all-ages program that we have used for many years for home schooling our children. The tutorial videos are very handy for explaining some of the more difficult concepts, particularly for secondary school. The problems and worked solutions are clearly presented and easily understood. Great resource. Thankyou.

Natasha Homeschooling Parent

I have been using Math-U-See for 10 years. The Instructional videos and Teacher's Manuals are so easy to understand! I could easily learn each concept and pass the knowledge onto my children with minimal preparation time, well planned lessons and systematic reviews. My oldest son is now finished school and studying to be an electrical technician. Math-U-See gave him a solid grounding in the maths he needs to know in his career and he continues to use it in his profession


I love this program! I don’t have to push my kids through the lessons – they can take each lessons at their own speed. I love the blocks that really solidify what has been learnt and the Instruction videos are an invaluable resource. My kids have excelled in maths using Math-U-See!

Sandra Warfe

The kids are learning their multiplications very easy & quickly, which is wonderful. They had advanced so much since using Math-U-See.

Melissa Green

I’m brand new to homeschooling and have 4 sons, one of whom has dyslexia. The fact that Math-U-See's approach covers all learning styles is fantastic. Not only is kinaesthetic and visual learning catered for, but each child gets to fully master a topic before moving on. It has made all the difference. Thanks Math-U-See!

Lydia Leed

I’m a home schooling parent. I have a 6 and a 9 year old and they have very different learning styles. Math-U-See covers all of the learning styles so it works for us. My daughter who has dyslexia also likes the workbooks better than the ones from school because the pages are not crowded, and are uncluttered. Very easy to teach too!

Lora Adams

As a homeschool family it’s hard to choose a maths curriculum with so many different options available. However the proof is in the pudding, as they say! My husband did Math-U-See for his homeschooling and has always been so confident with maths. We wanted our kids to have that same confidence (something I personally missed out on and look forward to gaining along with them). We’ve just completed the first two levels and so far, SO great!

Kerry Norton

Works splendidly for both my kids - my daughter has dyslexia and she struggles with the overcrowded pages usually found in workbooks. The Math-U-See books are set out clearly and with no fuss. My daughter is making a lot of progress because she is now understanding maths and can get through the pages quickly. My son loves the building part the best. He’s a kinaesthetic learner so it really helps him to get the concept in his mind when building the sum. We love this program!

Chrissy Marsh

As a homeschooling mum I have tried many different maths curriculums, but none of them compare to Math-U-See. Four of our seven children are currently school age and using the program. I love how simple the program is and how each of the children are progressing well and have gained great confidence in their mathematical ability since beginning. I have found it far superior to any other curriculum I have tried.


I'm a new homeschool mum, with our eldest just starting schooling this year. I have no teaching background and 3 other smaller kids to care for. Math-U-See is a perfect fit for us. It is all explained so simply that I can fit the small amount of prep time into my busy life.

Kathryn Ottaway

Our son is mastering concepts, and mastering them quickly! It has actually given him confidence and excitement to learn and pursue mastery in other subjects that he is finding more difficult. He even calls the extension activities and test book "fun maths learning" and looks forward to proving what he can do without mummy at the end of each unit. I'm also excited to enhance and hone my own maths skills alongside my children as they get into the more advanced books!

Lisa Harper

I have a year 7 son with dyslexia... Once we found Math-U-See, we decided to give it a go because it looked hands on and the sample videos seemed to make sense... Wow! What a program! My son flew through the workbooks and he no longer finger counts! Thankyou for providing such a fun and easy way for teaching maths! Thankyou for giving my son the confidence he needed to overcome his fear of maths. We are both excited to keep going!


I have 5 children and this is the best maths tool we have ever being lucky enough to use. I have a 9 yr old daughter who has cerebral palsy and just last year learnt to count to 100 using Math-U-See . She is loving it and it's hard to tear her away from maths. Using the blocks has made it fun and the teacher pack teaches you how to teach your child.

Amie Baird

We have been homeschooling with Math-U-See for 8 years... and still love it! My oldest is working in Algebra 2 (the advanced levels). I appreciate the emphasis on mastery, which builds a good foundation for higher maths and for working diligently. I also like the way more difficult concepts are introduced in a simple context, and then built upon as the student progresses. Thanks so much!

Cheree Roffel

I am a homeschooling mum & I love Math-U-See. I have been using Math-U-See for 5 years with my two daughters from Primer to Epsilon & they are both understanding maths much better than I ever did at their age. Thanks so much!

Jade Kerr

I am homeschooling my 2 special needs children. Math-U-See is the only curriculum that has worked for my children. When I removed my eldest son from mainstream school, he was 3 years behind in maths. Through using Math-U-See, he caught up to his peers in just 6 months!! The well laid out/spaced student workbooks give him exactly the amount of practice he needs. My younger son was at grade level when I removed him from school but Math-U-See has given him the knowledge and confidence to work ahead of his peers. We tried many of the other ‘popular’ curriculums on offer, but we have always gone back to Math-U-See.

Cathy Newby

I have seen firsthand how the spiral approach of maths education can fail many students and make learning maths much harder than it needs to be. Through my own family’s education experience, (having first attended a small independent country school that used NSW’s NESA’s math curriculum), I have finally experienced the ease of teaching maths with Math-U-See’s mastery approach. Thankyou for timeless teaching tips and techniques!

Rachel Adamson

I have home educated for around 16 years. All of my children have been able to build on the clear conceptual foundations that are provided in Math-U-See. I like that the program ensures that basic concepts are fully understood before progressing. This has been key as they have moved into more difficult mathematical thinking and application. Very happy!

Student at Athena School

I love Math-U-See! These books really give you the mastery of a maths subject. This has really changed my point of view about fractions ten-fold. I used to have fractions because they were "too complicated" bit the Epsilon level has really helped me push through that. I hope I have even more wins like this one for the next levels. Go Math-U-See!

Jude Parent

Math-U-See offers a logical, systematic and very sensible approach to Maths right from the early years. Prior to trying Math-U-See I watched my son attempting to 'memorise' maths without a logical system to follow. I would get frustrated when he could not remember the very basics and assumed he just wasn't 'Maths-minded'. But I began to see that he had no structure or framework in which to understand and visualise the concepts. Steve, through Math-U-See provides such a framework and Maths has become enjoyable for my son. It is now the first thing we do every day and he loves it!

Yvette Rollan

We home school our four children and our eldest starts Grade 8 next year. We’ve used Math-U-See for years now - its a great program that has a clear teaching method and reinforces each stage. The Integer Blocks are great for all stages of maths and the kids love them. I've come across a lot of families looking for more in their program and I always recommend this program!

Jessica Doeke

We love using Math-U-See. It makes maths easy to understand for homeschooling our kids. We’ve been using the program for 3 years now and I love the way it progresses foundationally through each different maths topics. It works for us.

Daniel Martian Maths Teacher, Busselton High School

I’m finding the Math-U-See program is easy to present and adapt to our student needs. With just 20 minutes a day, our students are getting great results!

Sheridan Forster

My son loves the Math-U-See videos and his student workbook… so much that he doesn’t want to go back to school! So we’ve negotiated 2 days at home and 2 days at school. Thankyou - you guys rock!

Teresa Homeschooling Parent

We are enjoying Math-U-See immensely. SO nice to have a visual and real life maths for our home education. Sometimes l just need to have things set out easily for me instead of having to think of ideas for every subject and Math-U-See is perfect for that.

Kerry Norton

I’m a home schooling parent. I have a 6 and a 9 year old and they have very different learning styles. Math-U-See covers all of the learning styles so it works for us. My daughter who has dyslexia also likes the workbooks better than the ones from school because the pages are not crowded, and are uncluttered. Very easy to teach too!

Lisa Harper

I home school my year 7 son who has dyslexia and has always struggled and really disliked maths. I have tried many programs and teaching concepts but none as far superior as this program! I came upon your program online and ordered it the same day... and we haven't looked back. My son loves it! We are looking forward to learning maths now!

Angela Patton

I was introduced to Math-U-See by a friend who had homeschooled for a long time (& used & loved the program) & was my biggest support as we begun our homeschool journey. Initially, I bought another maths program thinking that my son was in a higher grade at school and should just keep going with the spiral learning approach that schools use (even though he wasn't really understanding it) But we weren't happy and after reassessing, we purchased the first level of Math-U-See and made a start. We really haven’t looked back & we both love it! My son just gets it! He loves watching the videos & time after time it is explained in a way that just makes it so clear. We love Mr Demme! And we really love Math-U-See. It has given my son such a solid foundation and today we reap the results. I know we will continue to keep using this wonderful program!

Jennifer R. Learning Support Teacher

Kids are loving the program and one of our boys who has an intellectual impairment, started correctly adding up scores on Masterchef the other night - much to his parents surprise and delight!!! Great to see that he has held the mastered the skills and is using them - Happy Days!!!!

Danyela Jones

Math-U-See is a pivotal program in our homeschooling schedule. I love the systematic, practical, and multisensory approach. The video sessions are priceless. It's truly a fantastic resource. We have been using Math-U-See for 3 years with two kids now and two more will join soon...

Iram Memon

We have only ever been using Math-U-See in our homeschool and have never found anything that was efficient and effective enough at teaching Maths. We have explored other options and always ended up coming back to Math-U-See! My kids themselves prefer the Math-U-See method and have self-taught themselves the concepts without much help from me. It's nice to have a program that helps me to teach my children so effectively.

Tracey Atkinson Quick Brown Fox Coaching

All of my tutored maths students use Maths Australia's extensive maths program. It is a wonderful programme, and I have 100% success rate to date. I sing its praises far and wide. Thankyou Maths Australia!

Paula Vidilini

I have 3 children who have used Math-U-See from Preschool up to Year 10. All of them have enjoyed the clear video lessons, followed by the practise worksheets and tests. They mark the practise worksheets themselves and I mark the tests. The children all work independently on their maths and because Steve is so clear in his video explanations, rarely do they come to me for assistance. A great program for us!

Denise Kelleher

I have been homeschooling for 21 years and have used Math-U-See for most of that time. The tutorial videos with Steve are brilliant and his talk on decimal street is ground breaking. The hands on approach helps you to really lay down such a great foundation for the unwavering pattern that maths is. So glad I found this curriculum.

Tanya Thomas-Tong

I’m a parent who’s been using Math-U-See for the last 3 years for our maths homeschooling curriculum. I’ve found it very thorough, the kids find it easy to use and the older ones can even self direct their own lessons. Plus, we all learn quickly and easily by watching the video lessons – they are super simple to understand. I would recommend this curriculum to everyone.

At Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School, we are seeing fantastic results with using Math-U-See, and the children are all loving learning hands-on. It's simple to teach and the consistency of the colours and numbers is helping kids who otherwise may never have understood maths at all.

Suzie Andric

As a teacher and a home educator, I enjoy implementing this program at home with my children and with my students at school for the past 3 years. The program supports systematic, explicit instruction that teaches mastery through multisensory learning. This is a brilliant way for students to learn maths especially for students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Linda Hoadley

We have seen significant improvement in our three girls since switching to Math-U-See, especially in their enjoyment and understanding of maths. Solid foundational concepts have played a big part in this, as well as the hands-on blocks which help with explanation of each new topic!

Karly Holcomb

I have been using Math-U-See with my oldest son. It has worked really well for him - I love how it makes maths so easy to teach. I’ll be starting my daughter on it next year too. I know how much she would benefit from this teaching method. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Libby McCaffrey

Really grateful for the advice where to start the Math-U-See program. Super easy to teach, myself and my husband find it really easy to understand and show our kids! Why wasn't maths taught this way in school!?!

Rachel Batterham

We love Math U See, and always recommend this program in our homeschooling circles. Our 4 children have thrived with the emphasis on place value, mastery, and being hands on with their learning using the manipulatives. I also appreciate the support from staff at Maths Australia. We now have budding mathematicians who are confident in their approach, and who ENJOY their math lessons. Thank you!

Kate Knighton

We were recommended the Math-U-See program a few years ago, and have now recommended it on to other families!! All three of our primary school aged children are doing really well with Math-U-See, and now enjoy doing maths! The hands-on manipulatives make their learning so much easier.

Rochelle Homeschool Mum

We ordered Math-U-See because my son was struggling with more complex Algebra so I thought there was something foundational missing that we needed to go back to. We did the placement test and, sure enough, he placed at pre-algebra level. So we ordered the pre-algebra kit.

He flew through the first few lessons with 100% scores. We are now getting to the more difficult concepts but the instruction is fantastic and I can see light bulbs going off in his mind. He is still scoring 100% on his worksheets, review sheets and tests. He is now enjoying maths and is regaining confidence in his ability. So far, Math-U-See has helped him immensely and I have no doubt it will continue to do so as we get further into the more challenging concepts that were giving him so much difficulty before we started this program.

I will be recommending Math-U-See to everybody and plan to use it when my younger children start school. They are already exploring the integer blocks! Seeing the happiness in my son's face when concepts, which were once elusive, click in his mind is priceless.

Melissa Adamson

Utilising Math-U-See in our homeschool has been instrumental in helping our children gain a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts. Math-U-See’s multi sensory approach incorporating methodical practice and frequent review, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate mastery by 'teaching back' the concepts, has resulted in our children becoming confident and competent maths students. I recommend this curriculum highly!

Taya Joppich

As a home educating family, we have been using Math-U-See for about 9 years and for all 4 of our children. We love how sequential the lessons are, as they build upon previous knowledge learnt. The videos do a great job at thoroughly bringing understanding to each concept. The manipulative blocks help to bring concrete examples to abstract topics and our children have a really solid grasp of the mathematical concepts they've learnt. So many people seem to flit from resource to resource trying out a whole range of curriculums, and yet we have never been tempted or had need, to try anything else. MUS has been a great fit for our family! Thank you 🙂