We've teamed up with our friends at The Mulberry Journal to give you exclusive Math-U-See bonus templates to fit with the super popular Mulberry Planner.

Check out the 2021 Mulberry Planner.

Keeping on top of the necessary reporting for home education can be a tricky task. Especially when, really, any moment could be classed as a ‘learning moment’. In Australia, each state sets its own guidelines and processes for how much they want you to keep in terms of a ‘record of learning’. Fundamentally though, the purpose of that reporting (whatever the state) is to see that learning is occurring and is done intentionally and in line with the expected curriculum outcomes for a child that age. 

Of course, the Math-U-See program is a comprehensive maths curriculum, and we love providing that structure for parents. It will help you achieve the necessary outcomes in your homeschool for maths. But maths is only one subject, right?

So what about keeping up with recording for all subjects? Or what do you do when a Math-U-See lesson spills into a science experiment? Or you pivot and look at maths through the lens of history or philosophy and go down that rabbit hole?

We recently covered our top picks for homeschooling curriculum. You may have a separate program for a few of the major subjects, but how do you tie it all together in one cohesive homeschool plan?

Parent remembering to record learning

What is the Mulberry Planner?

Our friends at The Mulberry Journal help homeschooling parents with this exact issue with their very popular Mulberry Planner, designed specifically for Aussie homeschooling parents. 

2021 Mulberry Planner

The 2021 Mulberry Planner has 200 page templates (that’s 226 if you count our bonus planner templates 😉). You get full instant access to all the digital files, meaning you can completely customise the layout of your planning to whatever suits you and your family’s homeschooling needs.

We recently caught up with Grace from The Mulberry Journal to find out more about her vision when designing the homeschool planner. 

“From the feedback we’ve received over the past 4 years creating the planner, the biggest advantage is that it really helps reduce a cognitive load for parents,” she says.

“Home educating parents already have so much to think about, so taking planning and recording off your list is a huge advantage, knowing that whatever you’re doing, regardless of the subject, there’s a template for that. You just print off the appropriate template page and keep up with your record of learning in real-time”. 

Having a proper planner means that parents spend more time focusing on experiencing the wonderful journey of learning with their kids, knowing the record-keeping part is simple.

Now, we do want to acknowledge here that this might sound a bit 'promo'. BUT, at Maths Australia, we only ever promote things we can actually stand by, resources that have a proven track record, and resources we LOVE.

The Mulberry Journal have been listening to and providing resources for homeschooling families since 2015… so their planner is a direct and comprehensive response to the needs and ideas of homeschooling parents. They even have entire sections devoted to helping you align with Australian curriculum outcomes.

Mulberry Planner - Goal trackers

Their learning goal trackers are designed to include the whole family or focus on individual holistic growth for each child, supportive of interest-led learning and reflecting on how those ideas played out in actual real-world learning experiences.

Mulberry Planner - List Templates

They also have list templates to help you keep track of resources you come across in your day-to-day. Note it down on the go, so you don't forget! 

Mulberry Planner - Family Schedule and Daily Routines

And daily routine pages to keep your family organised, because they know how home life and learning are inextricably connected. 

Mulberry Planner - Subject Planning

They really do have pages for everything. We especially love their templates that support reflection and tracking of outcomes to suit state-imposed homeschooling reporting requirements.

There are also stylised blank templates so you can create your own pages as well, and they'll fit seamlessly into the rest of your planner!

Mulberry Planner - 200 templates

As you can see, the planner is also really modern & beautiful in its design, and that’s intentional too.

Grace says: “I purposefully design the planner to be a gorgeous-looking resource - and we update our theme every year. Record keeping isn’t really something that gets people out of bed in the morning… but parents tell us the gorgeous illustrations on each template make it something they really enjoy using. We provide multiple cover page options, so there's a style to suit everyone's preference and personality. You can really make it your own, and make planning a beautiful experience!"

Special offer! EXCLUSIVE Math-U-See Bonus Templates


We’re really excited to be partnering up for the The Mulberry Journal this year to offer an exclusive Math-U-See Bonus Template Pack. That means, if you purchase the 2021 Mulberry Planner through Maths Australia (any links or buttons on this page), you’ll automatically get the Math-U-See extension pack from us, delivered straight to your inbox.

The TMJ team have created templates for every level of the Math-U-See program with 2 layout options for every level. That means you can use Maths-U-See for your maths curriculum and the student kit will provide the record of learning, but you’ll also have stylised Mulberry Planner pages in addition to that.

You can use these pages to plan what’s coming up in your Math-U-See lessons for your child, or if you happen to do a lesson that extends on a Math-U-See lesson, you can record that. The whole idea of the print-your-own planner is that it’s customisable, so use it in the way that best suits you.

If you’re a home educating parent and want to stay on top of organisation and records of learning in 2021, check out the Mulberry Planner here: 

If you have any questions about the planner or our templates, get in touch, or leave a comment below!

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