maths anxiety

Maths Anxiety? How To Teach Maths with Confidence & Ease
Monday 14 Feb, 3.00pm AEST
by Esther White

As a parent, maths is often avoided or left until last because we don’t feel confident teaching it. Most of us, in our own education journey, were taught formulas to use to correctly answer tests, rather than given an understanding of what each of the squiggles actually meant. Add to that our children’s own learning differences and difficulties, and it becomes stressful – producing way too much anxiety for both our kids and ourselves!

When we see that maths is actually a language that has its own set of symbols – and we link that to tangible hands-on tools – it becomes super easy to understand and apply for life.

As maths is critical for every other subject we will ever learn, and especially a strong part of the Australian Curriculum requirements, this workshop is a must if you want to support your children to have the foundations they need for now and into their future…. with confidence and ease.

Guaranteed you will have some lightbulb moments yourself when you use Esther’s simple blueprint formula!

Perfect for parents, carers and instructors looking for a way to teach Place Value, addition, subtraction and basic maths to advanced maths concepts in a simple and effective manner for children of all ages and abilities, including those with learning differences and those requiring intervention.

maths anxiety

Looking for more support to teach maths?

If you are looking for more support to teach maths, and need a step-by-step training series that will give you the confidence and the tips post-workshop, we've made a Online Parent Training series exactly for that reason.

This session is for parents, carers and instructors looking to teach maths in a more effective way and is perfect for those with struggling maths students, requiring intervention and is especially effective for those with learning differences. 

You can check out the Online Parent Training here:

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Esther White

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