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Do I need to be qualified to attend teacher training?

Many teachers ask this question before attending professional training. What are the requirements? Are there any pre-requisites to attend training? And do I need to be qualified?

The good thing is, you come as you are. The point of the training is to offer effective ways to teach maths using hands-on tools and resources, so you can go back to your students and teach them confidently. 

Who can attend the trainings?

Hundreds of teachers and tutors from across Australia have attended our in-person and online trainings. Many schools have opted for the "whole school" approach where we walk through effective maths methodology and all the teachers get involved. This is by far the most effective strategy because it means you are all speaking the same language by the end of the session. 

This training is specific for you if you are:

  • a preschool, primary or high school classroom teacher
  • an intervention specialist
  •  learning support teacher
  • tutoring 1:1 or in small groups
  • working with students with learning differences
  • a head of learning looking for an evidence-based and effective approach to maths mastery for all students

I've booked in! What are some things I can start doing now? 

If you've booked in, welcome to the start of multi-sensory maths mastery! You'll have instant access to your personalised Member Dashboard, where you will be able to start using the training resources in your classroom right away. 

You will also have access to:

  • Downloadable teacher resources
  • Downloadable pdf workbook (if applicable)
  • Zoom link for your online training sessions
  • Your Training workbooks + free gift will be sent to you
  • Your manipulatives sent straight to you (if added to your order) We highly recommend the hands-on resources to fully support your training 
teacher training

Do I get more resources after the training is complete?

Yes! You will have a a collection of helpful resources available on your Member Dashboard for you to come back and use anytime. 

You will have lifetime access to:

  • Teachers Placement Test Pack
  • Sample pack of the Math-U-See program
  • Bonus resource: Top 10 Interviews with Maths Experts
  • Bonus resource: Teacher-specific virtual whiteboard
  • Our Mega Bundle maths resources, including Blackline Masters & Lesson Planners
  • Plus, accredited Certificate of Attendance for PD hours

Is there ongoing support available?

Yes! Our team are here to support you!

With a vision to make maths easy for every child through multi-sensory maths instruction, we know the best way is to support you to be the difference for your students. In your community, your school, your private practice, in after school care, wherever your vision to support and educate your students is, we are here to support you!

If you've joined us for the Total Maths Mastery Training you'll have quarterly reviews throughout each year, 1:1 implementation sessions, lifetime access and the opportunity to become one of our accredited maths trainers.

For all other trainings, you will have access to personalised weekday support. You can contact our team directly here.

Where do I find out more info?

If you want to find out more about the Trainings we offer for teacher, tutors and interventions specialists you can check out the available trainings here.

These trainings cover complete foundations to advanced maths, from Place Value, addition, subtraction, time, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percents to cover primary to high school maths. 

Perfect for teachers looking to confidently share maths with their students. You'll have tools and resources you can use and full support to educate and inspire the students you work with. 

You can check out the available Trainings here:

teacher training
teacher training

Hope that helps,


Esther White
Director of Maths Australia

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