Ever wondered how much your student knows about maths, regardless of grade or year level?

You might have noticed your student is in Grade 8 and still finger counting. Or you've noticed that with multi-digit addition and subtraction, they keep swapping over their numbers and not keeping proper place value.

You might just know that your kids hate maths, and you have no idea why. Maybe you weren't that good at maths at school, but wondered why maths was such a hard subject. Or maybe you found maths easy because you had a good teacher and are now frustrated that your child can't learn basic arithmetic. 

We've all been there before. As a parent and as a teacher. With so many kids dependant on us and how we teach them - that goes on to affect their life choices, career opportunities and how far they get in life, we want to do the right thing. 

Online diagnostic tests can help determine your student's understanding

Maths Australia has specifically designed online Placement Tests which clearly identify your child’s unique level of math’s mastery. They can identify any gaps in a student’s learning and can even predict the student’s readiness to progress from their current level. With Maths Australia’s placement tests you can ensure that your child never fails to master concepts or that they progress to more complex maths while they have gaps in their understanding.  

Pushing a student beyond their current level of ability can cause irreparable damage. Students lose confidence in themselves, thinking that they are ‘dumb’ at maths, and even end up passionately hating maths. It's not a good way to start a relationship with maths that could be very productive and efficient - if only it's taught in the right way.

You can give your child the best start in maths with Maths Australia’s exclusive placement tests and identifying your child’s actual level of maths mastery!

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Maths Australia’s online Placement Tests help identify exactly what your students unique level of mastery is, what they have mastered and retained, and where the gaps are in their learning. You can even predict their readiness to progress from their current level to moving forward. The best thing about the Placement Tests is that you know, as the parent or teacher, just what to do to fill in any gaps and support your students throughout their maths learning journey.

How does it work?

If your student can recognise, read, and write the numbers 0-10, then you'll begin at the start with the Alpha pre-test.

You'll work with your student (be there to encourage them, don't help them!) to progress through each placement test. Each level of the Math-U-See program corresponds to addition, subtraction, division all the way up to algebra and each topic builds on each other, so you have a systematic testing approach that covers all bases. 

Keep going until your child begins to struggle or shows signs of not understanding the questions. That's the time to stop. Even if they want to continue and complete the test, it's important to make a note of the topics they are finding difficult. 

Your student's results are automatically calculated, so you'll know what area to focus on. If they've excelled at multiplication and division, but struggle with fractions, you know that the fractions needs a little more attention. The great thing about the Math-U-See program is that we teach everything hands-on and multisensory, and we have specific manipulatives to teach fractions easily (parents and teachers love these!)

Note: If your child is finger counting or unit counting, they will need to begin with the Alpha Placement Test, regardless of their age.

You can get started right away

At the completion of the placement tests, results are automatically calculated and you'll have a clear picture of your student’s level of maths mastery.

Then you can get started right away with teaching them, in a way that supports their individual learning style using specific hands-on manipulaives. 

Multisensory maths is powerful. It's research-proven to not only allow student to understand the topic better and retain the information that's being taught, but further increase confidence with maths and enable your students to effectively use maths in everyday life situations. 

Students should simply be taught the way they learn. This is possible with Maths Australia’s research based, hands-on and student paced maths mastery program.

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If you can answer the maths equation on paper with a memorised formula, that will get you a mark in the maths test but doesn't help you with shopping, weekly budgets, career choices, or even when building an extension to your family home. You'll need a good understanding of maths to be able to use it in the outside world.

If you want to know more about our popular award-winning multi-sensory maths program, you can check it out here. There's heaps of videos, explanations and how each step of teaching maths can be easily taught (if you're a maths genius and even if you've had no prior experience teaching maths) and really work for your students.

Here's the link to that free, online Placement Test:

If you have any questions, we're here to help! You can contact one of our friendly team directly through this form.


The Team at Maths Australia

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