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In an effort to ensure that Australian students recover from a turbulent 2020 and the starts and stops of COVID19, the Australian Government has pledged a landmark $337 million dollars to a program that will see over 5,500 tutors, retired teachers and final year teaching students entering NSW government and non-government schools, to improve educational outcomes in 2021.

COVID Intensive Learning Support Program is supported in NSW schools to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes. Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning, Sarah Mitchell says “tuition in small groups will help to re-engage students in their school learning.”

Specialist intervention for students is essential

A mainstream whole class approach to maths won’t necessarily help students to recover from the 7 + weeks of home learning that happened during COVID19, as well as some bushfires and drought! Especially those students with learning difficulties or those impacted by a low socio-economic background, or who attend a disadvantaged school.

Helping students to excel in maths requires an individualised approach. That's why we first have every student take a placement test before they enter our specialised program Math-U-See.

Teachers and tutors need to understand exactly where the student is at in their learning; the gaps that need to be filled in; and where to begin building essential foundations to make this process for intervention learning successful.

Key components for getting better student results

There are 8 key researched components to successfully fast track a student to improve numeracy outcomes:

  • Asses the student using a diagnostic placement test such as this free diagnostic test
  • Enter at the correct level according to the student’s knowledge, not their grade or age
  • Work at the student’s pace
  • Present maths concretely, using hands on manipulatives
  • Progress through a Build, Draw, Write, Say methodology at every lesson
  • Teach lessons explicitly
  • Work through concepts sequentially
  • Test for mastery before moving on

These research-proven methods are the backbone of the entire 'Math-U-See' program. Every lesson in the Math-U-See program is pre-planned and set out for you so that you can cover all the necessary components (mentioned above) and achieve mastery with students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Plus, explicit worked solutions are provided so if at any point you get stuck with marking your students work or answering a question, all the answers and information is there for you whenever you need it. All you need to do is open and go!

Who is eligible to apply for the COVID Intensive Learning Support program?

There are three classifications that may deliver small group tuition:

- Teachers
- Educational Paraprofessionals*
- Educators (non-teacher)*

*Educators (non-teacher) would include: Retired teachers without current NESA accreditation, Educators from the University sector and students enrolled in a Bachelor of Education or Master of Teaching without conditional teaching accreditation from NESA.

*Must work under the guidance and supervision of an accredited teacher.

Ready to apply?

If you want to get involved in the COVID Intensive Learning Support Program (with or without using the effective Math-U-See program) and change the lives of Australian students, you can apply below.

Give students their confidence in maths and help them to engage in a subject that they will use for life!

Here's a handy checklist you can use when filling out the application form:

Need some further maths training?

If you're looking for employment but haven't quite got the confidence to teach, or needing a refresher on how to teach effective maths, you can check out our upcoming online and in-person Trainings. These trainings are perfect for teachers, tutors and intervention specialists who are needing specific instruction on how to teach maths in the best way to their students.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly here.

Hope that helps,

The Team at Maths Australia

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