One of the wonderful benefits of the Math U See program is the online videos provided - that are now available online on the Member Dashboard. It could be very tempting to just play the videos for your student. However, the videos aren’t just for your student. They are for you as the teacher. Do you know the benefits of using the Math-U-See videos?

The Math-U-See program was developed with the intention to empower parents in successfully teaching maths. Maths can be one of the more difficult subjects to learn, and the goal was for it not to be as difficult to teach. The creator has deconstructed his instruction in a digestible manner to help you teach Maths to your children. The videos are designed to help you understand what your child is learning. Ideally, once the child has thoroughly learned a concept, they will be able to teach you what they’ve learned.

Why watch the videos?

The online videos are super easy to use - just press play! They are great as a teacher's support and can also be used to explain the topic to your student.

Each lesson is walked through, step by step, and the process of getting each answer is explained. It's like having your own maths tutor in the comfort of your own home, whenever you need them!

  • Yes, you can watch the videos to understand the concept before teaching the concept to your student. This is especially supportive for those who aren't professional maths teachers (most of us aren't!)
  • You can also let your student watch the instructional videos. This step is especially important for auditory learners, who hear things better and learn by listening to a topic.
  • Each lesson is taught step-by-step in the online videos. This means you won't miss a concept, or skip over the important things. Just start learning from wherever you left off.

The Online Member Dashboard (where the online videos are accessed) includes other great things, like our Mega Download Bundle, Activity Booklets and other webinars, replays and helpful videos that we will add over time. It will also have the Skip Count Songs there too, so you can access them anytime as well.

So are the videos necessary to watch? The short answer is yes. The videos are a key part of the Math-U-See program and our mastery-based approach. They tie everything together, providing extra support for you as the teacher, as well as concreting the concept for the student.

This video is from a live Q&A for Maths Australia Parent customers
(parent members get access to our library of Q&A answers from our #AskEsther series)

Each video is automatically added when you purchase

As soon as you purchase, the relevant lesson videos specific to your Math-U-See level will be added to your online Member Dashboard. This means you can come back and watch the lessons, over and over again, from anywhere you like. 

This is especially important for teachers and tutors in small groups and classrooms, because the online videos can be streamed to bigger groups of students. Plus, not many schools have DVD players anymore!

However, if you still want a DVD these are available for purchase while stock lasts. You can contact us here to request one. 

Here's a free resource to help plan each lesson

Each aspect of the Math-U-See program is super important for you, as the teacher, and for teaching each student. The manipulatives, the Instruction Manual, the online videos, the student workbooks and the test booklets are all linked into our program to create mastery of maths. And it works - for students of all ages and learning abilities, including those with ADHD, Dyscalculia and Dyslexia.

Here's our easy 4-step approach to each lesson. It's part of our Mega Bundle Download that includes lesson planners, math facts sheets for extra revision, glossary of maths terms and much more:

Let us know if you have any questions,

The Team at Maths Australia

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