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Maths Australia is bigger and better in 2021!


We didn't get around to officially announcing this in 2020, but we've made some BIG changes on our website in the past few months.

In fact, we rebuilt our entire website from the ground up.

So unless you’ve been on recently, this is the first time we're making the big announcement. Over the years offering Math-U-See in Australia, we've had soooo many people tell us that they'd love to access the instructional videos, trainings and other resources online instead of DVDs.

Plus, because of COVID (with kids and teachers being away from the physical classroom) it became even more important for teachers and tutors to have easier access.

In late 2020, we made that happen!

Here are the 3 biggest changes going into the new year:

1. Instruction Manual Video Lessons For ALL Levels Are Now Online

online maths

With our new website comes ALL of the instructional lesson videos online! 

We've created a dedicated customers-only Members Dashboard area with access to all of your videos so you can access lesson planners, math fact sheets, certificates and other bonus resources, anytime, anywhere. As soon as you purchase an Instruction Manual, you get automatic access to the online videos for that level, plus everything for members.

Exclusive offer: If you have already purchased your Math-U-See instruction manual and don’t want the hassle of organising your instruction videos on DVDs, you can purchase the online videos + access to the Member Dashboard for a reduced price! Contact us here.

Please note: Online videos will now be the default option to accompany the Instruction Manuals for each level. We still have some DVDs in our warehouse, so anyone still wanting the DVDs can purchase these as a separate product from your members dashboard 'while stocks last'.

2. Placement Tests Are Now 100% Online too (and they give you automatic results)!

online maths

We also replaced the ambiguous PDF placement tests and built an entire system around automating and improving their accuracy.

The new (and still FREE) Online Placement Tests are perfect for any parent or teacher to assess where their student is at with maths. Laid out in a simple, easy to follow method, these tests progress from basic addition all the way through to algebra and we've built an algorithm into it so it automatically assesses your student’s results and gives you the recommended level to start on.

Oh, and bonus... Algorithm accuracy meant we've managed to HALVE the amount of questions required (and time it takes to complete).

3. You Can Access Online Maths Training Workshops (to get the most out of Math-U-See)

online maths

We also made major developments earlier in 2020 for our training and now offer this both in-person (where possible) and online too!

We have multiple types of training, suitable for parents, teachers and tutors who want more help understanding the HOW and WHY behind multisensory learning. We'll give you practical hands-on knowledge about the best ways to deliver a multisensory maths program. We go through tips, tricks, lesson examples, research and methodologies to help your student/s to gain long-lasting confidence with maths!

Find out more and book tickets here:

We’re very excited to be able to offer all this and more to our customers. And we’ve already been getting some wonderful feedback on the new systems, so thank you for everyone who has been in touch already.

Our 2021 development roadmap is taking shape and this is going to be a huge year too! Watch this space - we have some exciting things on the horizon.

If you have any questions, as always, you can contact us here.

Warm regards,

The Maths Australia Team

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