multi-sensory maths

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We know how hard it can be to teach maths, especially when your students are finding simple maths basics (like Place Value) just too difficult! If you're looking for a way to transform the way you teach your students; if you have students with dyscalculia, maths anxiety or learning differences needing intervention; or if you just know there must be a better way to teach maths - then this free PD series is for you!

We'll cover what and how to teach multi-sensory maths - with different topics covered  each month.

What we'll be covering together EACH MONTH

The Language and Symbology of Maths 

Maths is a language that has its own unique set of symbols and vocabulary. As with every language, these abstract symbols and words have absolutely no inherent meaning. To teach to understanding (rather than rote memorisation of unrelated facts and formulae), we need to credit meaning to them. Come and find out how building color-consistent rectangles and a simple sequence of instruction at every stage enables  a student to confidently encode and decode from pre-school/ reception to high school.

Introduction to Multisensory Maths tools - from simple foundations to algebra building rectangles.

Learn how to use (just two) hands-on manipulatives to teach different topics in a way that improves student engagement and helps them actually understand maths, from addition and subtraction to fractions and algebra. Based on research that recommends the same manipulative be used for a minimum of three years, you'll see how to completely revolutionise maths and a students confidence when you concretely represent it with accurate and elegant tools.

Practical Multisensory Maths strategies you can apply immediately

We're not just going to tell you about multi-sensory maths tools. We're going to get stuck into practical examples. You'll also see the evidence and research behind our teaching techniques we're showing you and how you can apply this in your teaching right away.

Esther White

Leading Multisensory Maths Intervention Specialist, 
CEO - Maths Australia

Meet your webinar host

As the CEO of Maths Australia, Esther’s passion is for every Australian child to be empowered in life through a strong foundation in maths.

Esther is proud to present a research and evidence-based approach to effective maths mastery. Particularly relevant for student with dyscalculia, learning differences and maths anxiety, her ICRAVE* Maths Methodology can also be used for teaching general students to understand maths rather than just learning formulae and rote memorisation.

Her warmth and vision are palpable as she shares with you from her own 24 years of research and experience in teaching and sharing effective strategies and proven systems for maths mastery.