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How to Teach Maths Confidently: Homeschool Workshop

The Australian Homeschooling Summit runs every year, attracting a bunch of workshops, speakers, giveaways and exciting hundreds of homeschooling families across Australia.

What's all the hype about this Summit? Well, best of all, everything is online so you can tune in from wherever you are.

5 Reasons to love Aussie Homeschool Workshops:

  • Ever seen an Australian homeschooling conference of this size? Me neither! You can’t get this sort of homeschooling help anywhere else in Australia.
  • It's all online – there’s no need to organise travel, accommodation or childcare.
  • No fluff! We give you real, actionable homeschooling help, based on actual experience.
  • We cover virtually every topic you need – registration, reporting, specific subjects, unschooling, de-schooling, organisation, and many more.
  • Lifetime access to all the recordings – whenever you’re feeling confused, overwhelmed, or don’t know what to do next, all the information is there for you to go back to anytime.

Want to know how to teach maths confidently?

Esther White, CEO and National Program Coordinator of the Math-U-See program is going to be doing a workshop during the AHS Summit. 

The workshop is titled "How To Teach Maths Confidently (Even if you Flunked it Yourself)" and is all about teaching maths using hands-on multisensory methods. Using these specific methods, maths becomes easy to teach and kids love the tactile aspect!

homeschool workshop
homeschool workshop

The Australian Homeschool Summit is a virtual conference (so completely online) made specifically for Australian home educating parents. It features a fantastic line up of speakers to help you, regardless of what kind of homeschooling you do.

Australian Homeschool Summit:
FEB 15 - 26, 2021

Whether you choose unschooling, or highly structured "school at home", you can know for sure that at some stage you will have to teach your child maths.

In general, it seems to be one subject that we stress over, avoid and often then revert either to rote learning, or to textbooks that merely teach formulas and how to get an answer. Then a few years down the track we realise our children have absolutely no understanding of what they are doing, and are in fact struggling and highly anxious about it as we cram their brains full of facts with no context.

Come and learn how you can easily and effectively teach maths using an approach that incorporates evidence and research recommendations, alongside a sequential maths program that teaches mastery and confidence for life!

From this homeschool workshop, you'll get these great benefits

After this workshop, you will:

  1. Understand why your child may find maths difficult (or even hate it with a passion)
  2. Know what to look for in an effective maths program
  3. Understand what "multisensory" means, and know how to incorporate it in your maths teaching
  4. Have confidence in the way you teach maths (even if you flunked it yourself
  5. As part of the workshop, we'll be giving away 3 x Online Parent Trainings to three lucky winners!

If you want to WIN 1 of 3 Online Parent Training Workshops, you can enter the draw here. We'll be drawing the prize at the end of Esther's presentation so make sure you're there for it.

We'll see you there!

The Team at Maths Australia

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