Maths Australia provides an effective, hands-on and multisensory approach to learning maths

Students get to learn in the style that best suits them. 
Engaging all the senses, learning is retained thanks to our proven Build-Draw-Write-Say method.

Clear sequential lessons help students learn at their own pace, focusing on complete mastery, one concept at a time.

Anyone can learn to teach
our programs using the extensive instructions, step-by-step video lessons and resource sheets.

We teach in a cumulative way so when your student masters a concept then they progress to the next, building on the knowledge they have already gained.

Students build their maths confidence and boost their enthusiasm as they progress.

The benefits of mastering maths has positive effects on the brain (especially if previously struggling), helping to instill confidence for life.

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What our customers think

"I've loved this course* so much that I've done it twice! So that's always a good endorsement. What I love about it is it's evidence based. So it's got a very foundation of evidence, and it's got the manipulatives and the hands-on approach to back it up and I'm looking forward to implementing it in my prep one classroom this year."

*Multisensory Maths Teacher Training with Esther White



"Personally, while I believe no curriculum is 100% perfect, Maths Australia's Program comes pretty close. The lessons are short but thorough. It is particularly great for homeschooling multiple children."

Roz Shanks

Homeschooling parent

"Kids are loving the program and one of our boys who has an intellectual impairment, started correctly adding up scores on Masterchef the other night - much to his parents surprise and delight!!! Great to see that he has held the skills and generalising them"

Jennifer R

Learning Support Teacher, All Saints Anglican School

Want to see multisensory maths in action?

In these demonstration videos, you'll get to see the hands-on approach to multi-sensory maths. It makes teaching maths simpler for you and learning maths more enjoyable for your student/s.

Based on extensive research, these adaptable tools deliver key maths concepts in ways that enable every student to learn maths in the style that suits them. 

Example from our current recommended program, Math-U-See