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Join the Aussie Homeschool Summit and get our Exclusive Bonuses

The Australian Homeschooling Summit runs every year, attracting a bunch of workshops, speakers, giveaways and exciting hundreds of homeschooling families across Australia.

What's all the hype about this Summit? Well, best of all, everything is online so you can tune in from wherever you are.

Here are a few things we love about the AHS Summit:

Aussie Homeschool Summit by Aussies, for Aussies

Ever wanted to go to a big homeschooling conference, but couldn’t because they just don’t exist in Australia?

Here’s the solution – the Australian Homeschooling Summit. It’s all online, so us homeschoolers can go to a homeschooling conference without leaving our couches!

Or getting out of our pyjamas. #homeschoolstereotypes

Instead, we can kick back on the couch and access live homeschooling workshops and troubleshooting from some of the most well-known and highly respected people in Aussie homeschooling.

People who have homeschooled for decades, have graduated their kids, and have tackled all the stages (and problems) and can help you get through them too. And also parents who are newer to homeschooling, but who have conquered challenges and want to share how they did it.

5 Reasons to love this Aussie Homeschool Summit event:

  • Ever seen an Australian homeschooling conference of this size? Me neither! You can’t get this sort of homeschooling help anywhere else in Australia.
  • It's all online – there’s no need to organise travel, accommodation or childcare.
  • No fluff! We give you real, actionable homeschooling help, based on actual experience.
  • We cover virtually every topic you need – registration, reporting, specific subjects, unschooling, de-schooling, organisation, and many more.
  • Lifetime access to all the recordings – whenever you’re feeling confused, overwhelmed, or don’t know what to do next, all the information is there for you to go back to anytime.

Want to know how to teach maths confidently?

Esther White, CEO and National Program Coordinator of the Math-U-See program is going to be doing a workshop during the AHS Summit. 

The workshop is titled "How To Teach Maths Confidently (Even if you Flunked it Yourself)" and is all about teaching maths using hands-on multisensory methods. Using these specific methods, maths becomes easy to teach and kids love the tactile aspect!

aussie homeschool summit
aussie homeschool summit

The Australian Homeschool Summit is a virtual conference (so completely online) made specifically for Australian home educating parents. It features a fantastic line up of speakers to help you, regardless of what kind of homeschooling you do.

Australian Homeschool Summit:
FEB 15 - 26, 2021

Plus, if you purchase your ticket through Maths Australia
you'll get our exclusive bonuses!

We've decided to hand out some great giveaways this year, just to sweeten the deal.

These Online Parent Trainings have only recently been available (we started them because we had heaps of homeschool parents asking for a little more help teaching maths at-home with their kids) and they've been super popular!

Perfect for parents who are new to homeschool and are looking for a great solution to teaching maths, as well as homeschooling families who want a little more support in their maths lessons. 

Here's our exclusive bonuses you'll get if you sign up through the link below:

aussie homeschool summit


You'll also get this E-book, written specifically for homeschooling parents, to help support you teaching at home. This will help you stay organised, especially when things get busy throughout the year! You'll get this instantly, as soon as you purchase your AHS ticket.

The free booklet includes 10 easy tips for being organised when homeschooling - perfect if you're needing a little structure with your at-home lessons.

aussie homeschool summit


It can be a little overwhelming trying to take everything in during the summit, with so many quality speakers back-to-back. Often you either don't have questions yet or want to implement what you've learned and then ask follow up questions!

We're going to run an exclusive Q & A session after AHS for you to ask your questions with Esther about teaching maths. You can catch her presentation on Feb 16th at 11am: How to Teach Maths Confidently.

Plus, if you want to go in the draw to WIN 1 of 3 Online Parent Training Workshops, you can enter the draw here. We'll be drawing the prize at the end of Esther's presentation so make sure you're there for it.

See you there!


The Team at Maths Australia

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