aussie homeschool summit

Aussie Homeschool Summit 2020

The Aussie Homeschool Summit is a combination of powerful speakers who have something to share about homeschooling. Each of the speakers bring something individual to the table, sharing their experiences and what has worked for them. Inspiring and educative – come and be part of revolutionising the homeschooling community!

Come and join us at this exciting workshop:

aussie homeschool summit

Unpacking Maths For Every Day Life – & How to Teach It!
2pm-4pm; 7th May

With Australia dropping drastically further in the world scene for maths understanding, there’s an even greater need to know – and to teach –  according to research and evidence-based practices. When it comes to teaching maths, there simply are ways that “work” (and always do) and ways that “don’t work” (and never will).

Regardless of your child’s maths ability,  Esther White will unpack the importance of sequential & multi sensory learning to build foundations, and to give your children the opportunity to truly master maths and feel good about their knowledge because they can apply it in everyday life.

aussie homeschool summit

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Esther White

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