Algebra 2

Factoring polynomials, quadratic formula, graphing conic sections.

Major Concepts and Skills:
  • Exponents
  • Rational Expressions
  • Scientific Notation
  • Combining Like Terms
  • Radicals: Basic Operations and Simplifying
  • Factoring Polynomials
  • Fractional Exponents
  • Solving Equations with Rational Expressions
  • Imaginary and Complex Numbers
  • Conjugate Numbers
  • & more …
Overview and Sample Lesson:
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Instructoin Manual - Algebra 2 Level
Algebra 2 Instruction Manual

1 x Algebra 2 Instruction Manual (with Solutions)
This manual will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to teach each lesson to your student. This manual should be used in collaboration with the video lessons.

Student Text - Algebra 2 Level
Algebra 2 Student Kit

1 X Algebra 2 Student Textbook
1 X Algebra 2 Test Booklet
This Student Kit gives your student extra practice on what they've been taught from the Instruction manual and video lessons. The Test booklet is great for marking your student's progress and seeing how much they've understood.

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Algebra 2 Member Access
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Once purchase has been made, an online member account will be created and you'll receive an email with login credentials. This gives you access to all the Algebra 2 instructional videos, additional level resources, Algebra 2 Level completion certificate, as well as member downloadable resources.

DVDs of the instructional videos (these are the same videos as you get in your member dashboard) are available for purchase from the members dashboard for an additional fee of $29 + shipping.

Bonus Resources

Scope and Sequence of each lesson
Lesson Objectives Sheets
Online Completion Certificates
+ more

Honors Booklet

The Honors Booklet is now available online on the Member Dashboard.
This resource is great for extra student practice and is available for all Advanced Levels

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Algebra 2 Instruction Manual
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Algebra 2 Student Kit

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