Gamma Complete Set

Multiplication for single and multiple-digit numbers and other topics.

Major Concepts and Skills:
  • Using strategies based on place value and properties of operations to multiply
  • Fluently multiplying any combination of whole numbers
  • Solving for an unknown factor
  • Solving abstract and real-world problems involving addition, subtraction, and multiplication
  • Measuring and computing areas
  • Relating concepts of area to addition and multiplication
  • Skip counting as a precursor to multiplication
  • Adding and subtracting time in hours and minutes
  • Multiplying, adding, and subtracting Australian currency & standard units of measure
  • Representing, recording, and interpreting data
  • Understanding of basic fractions
    & more …
Overview and Sample Lesson:
Purchase Gamma Complete Set
  • 1 x Integer Block Kit
  • Gamma Student Kit
  • Skip Count Audio & Booklet
  • Gamma Instruction Manual
  • Lifetime Gamma Member Access to videos and resources
  • DVD available after purchase
Complete Set - Gamma Level


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What you get in the Gamma Complete Set:

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Integer Block Kit (Home Education)

1 x Integer Block Kit:
This 133-piece Integer Block Kit is our primary teaching tool for every lesson, Primer (Preschool) through to Algebra 1 (Advanced Year 10), and enable a student to bridge the gap from basic understanding through to mastery. Learn more

Instruction Manual - Gamma Level

Gamma Instruction Manual:
1 x Gamma Instruction Manual (with Solutions)

This manual will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to teach each lesson to your student. This manual should be used in collaboration with the video lessons.

Student Kit - Gamma Level

Gamma Student Kit:
1 x Gamma Student Text
1 x Gamma Test Booklet
This Student Kit gives your student extra practice and testing on what they've been taught from the Instruction manual and video lessons - and should be used in conjunction with the Integer Block Kit.

Instant Online Access

Lifetime Gamma Member Access
Once purchase has been made, an online member account will be created and you'll receive an email with login credentials. This gives you access to all the Gamma instructional videos, additional level resources, Gamma level completion certificate, as well as member downloadable resources.

DVDs of the instructional videos (these are the same videos as you get in your member dashboard) are available for purchase from the members dashboard for an additional fee of $29 + shipping. 

Bonus Resources:
Scope and Sequence of each lesson
Lesson Objectives  Sheets
Online Completion Certificates
+ more

Skip Count Audio & Booklet
This Skip Count Audio includes easy to learn, fun songs that can be used to learn skip counting facts on-the-go. The downloadable booklet includes the skip counting facts and music notation, as well as illustrations and colouring activities. Both the audio and booklet are downloadable and accessible any time.

Basic Training & Initial Setup
Phone & Online Support

Gamma Complete Set
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The Gamma level Complete Set includes:
  • 1 x Integer Block Kit
  • Gamma Student Kit
  • Skip Count Audio & Booklet
  • Gamma Instruction Manual
  • Lifetime Gamma Member Access to videos and resources
  • DVD available after purchase


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Integer Block Kit



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Gamma Instruction Manual
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Gamma Student Kit

Gamma Student Kit


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Skip Count Songs & Booklet


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