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How to Teach Maths Confidently
(even if you flunked it yourself)

We know how hard it can be to teach maths, especially when your kids are finding simple ideas, such as Place Value, a hard topic.
If you need a little extra help teaching your kids – if they need some extra support catching up on their maths after time away from school (due to COVID), are struggling and need intervention, experience learning differences and even if you are educating your children via remote learning - then this is for you! We'll cover what and how to teach multi-sensory maths - in simple, easy steps!

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What we'll be covering together:

How to teach maths confidently

The most common reason parents struggle teaching their kids maths is that they flunked maths class in school. You were taught formulas and how to get the right answer, not a proper understanding of what numbers are and how to use them. 

The importance of hands-on manipulatives

Hands-on manipulatives are the key to teaching kids maths effectively and are perfect for a child of any age and any learning ability. These manipulatives are especially specific for those with dyscalculia, dyslexia and other learning differences.

Simple tools to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication

We will go through, step by step, how to teach addition, subtraction and multiplication to your kids. You'll understand the meaning behind these maths symbols and how to teach them effectively. 

How you can be the best maths teacher for your kids

After learning how and why we use maths (and the importance of patterns, language and number identification) you'll know exactly what you can do to be the best maths teacher for your kids. 

Esther White

National Program Co-ordinator & CEO
Maths Australia

Meet your Maths Australia webinar host

As the National Program Coordinator for Maths Australia, Esther’s passion is for every Australian child to be empowered in life through a strong foundation in maths.

Esther is proud to present a research and evidence-based approach to effective maths mastery. Along with the supporting Math-U-See numeracy program her expertise is in teaching to all learning styles and equipping teachers with a simple-to-follow and hands-on CRA methodology.

Her warmth and vision are palpable as she shares with you from her own 20 years of experience in teaching and sharing effective strategies and proven systems for maths mastery.