What Makes Our Approach So Unique?

Our Vision: Maths Mastery for Every Student

At Maths Australia, we believe that each and every student can master maths when they are taught the way they learn!                           We believe it is our responsibility as educators to present maths using an evidence-based methodology so that each student has the opportunity and tools to be empowered through learning maths and being able to apply it in everyday life.                                        

We Teach By Concept

This means that we teach more than just how to solve a math problem; we also teach why the problem is solved in this manner, and when to apply the concept. We believe that it is essential for a student to memorise basic facts and formulas, but the actual understanding comes from learning the concepts first using hands-on manipulatives , memorising facts and formulas, and applying this to solving everyday life situations or word problems.

We Are A Mastery Program

We want the student to understand each concept and be able to teach it back to demonstrate that mastery has been achieved. Math-U-See is structured with step-by-step procedures for introducing, practicing, mastering and reviewing concepts. This gives the teacher a clear understanding of when to move the student to the next lesson.

Our Program is Complete, K-12, Skill-based & Multi-sensory

We use manipulatives from the Primer through Algebra 1 levels of Math-U-See, building each concept from place value through to polynomials. We recognise that each student is unique and processes information differently. The more senses we can incorporate into our method of teaching, the more of these differences we can address. Also, the more senses we use, the more the student will be able to understand the materials and retain what he has learned.

Our Program includes all research-based recommendations

Recommendations from independent researchers on best practice for maths instruction include all components that Math-U-See has used for the last 20 years to teach maths mastery to students of all ages and abilities.


Let us share with you some testimonials from real teachers, tutors & parents experiencing outstanding joy and success in seeing their students excel in maths. We look forward to collaborating with you for your student's success as you teach them in the way they learn.