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Maths Australia Tutor Program


The only program that walks you step-by-step through world class practice in teaching maths, and also supports you long term.

Has your experience as a tutor, intervention specialist or educator been:

  • Frustration with the spiral approach of teaching
  • Lacking a formal structure or framework to back up what you know works 1:1 with students
  • Feeling stifled with the limitations imposed by a standardised, one-size-fits-all model

The truth is, the mainstream way of teaching maths doesn’t align with the latest pedagogical research, and the outcomes of this are clear.

The Maths Australia Tutor Program was created to change that. To provide educators with a research backed teaching model, plus the practical tools and practical support they need to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Experience The Tools That Will Transform Your Teaching

  • Confidently get your students the results they deserve. 
  • Use effective step by step method to teach, distilled from current research 
  • Engage in enriching discussions with like minded educators 
  • Be equipped with a systematic, proven approach to teaching maths
  • Feel supported and endorsed by Maths Australia, a company with over 20 years trust established 







    The Maths Australia Tutor Program

    Provides educators with proven strategies that address the real needs of students with learning differences.

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    Educator Instruction: Pedagogy, Foundations of Maths (Counting, Place Value, Time, Adding, Subtracting), Multiplication & Division, and Fractions, Decimals & Percents.

    Student Learning Resources: Extensive Instruction materials and downloadable student resources.

    1:1 Educator Support: 12 months of quarterly 1:1 mentoring sessions with leading Multisensory Maths Educator, Developer of 'I-CRAVE Maths' Methodology and Dyscalculia Specialist, Esther White.

    Multi-sensory Manipulatives: A complete set of Multisensory Manipulatives & Tools: including 1 x Teacher Magnetic Block Kit with whiteboard markers, 1 x CRA Maths Integer Block Kit (for whole numbers) with coloured pencils and 1 x CRA Advanced Kit (for fractions, decimals and percents).

    Ongoing Professional Development: 12 months of quarterly focused meetings for ongoing specialist numeracy education and support.

    Educator Endorsement: Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive qualification as a registered Maths Australia Endorsed Educator.

    Directory Listing: Free listing to connect parents and schools with Endorsed Educators who have completed the Total Maths Mastery Program. (Listing optional)

    Social Media Promotion: Optional promotion on Maths Australia social accounts as a part of the Educator Endorsement Program.


    Join today and instantly receive access to the most comprehensive and up to date essential education for maths educators in the world.

    $2579 + GST (one payment)
    or 4 x bi-weekly payments via Paypal

    You'll receive:

    • World Class Educator Instruction for Total Maths Mastery
    • Downloadable Student Learning Resources.
    • 1:1 Educator Support for 12 months with 'I-CRAVE Maths' Methodology and Dyscalculia Specialist, Esther White.
    • A complete set of Multisensory Manipulatives & Tools
    • Ongoing Professional Development
    • Educator Endorsement
    • Free Directory Listing.
    • Social Media Promotion.

    $2,499.00 ex. GSTBuy Now

    Your Instructor
    Esther White

    Developer of 'I-CRAVE Maths' & CEO Maths Australia

    Esther’s passion is for every child to be empowered in life through a strong foundation in maths. Based on her 24 years of supplying the Montessori-inspired 'Math U See' Program and of teaching the 'how-to' of multi-sensory maths to teachers, tutors, intervention specialists and parents, Esther created the 'I-CRAVE Maths' Methodology. An evidence-based approach that demystifies maths instruction and brings research into daily practice. Esther's warmth, thought leadership and vision are palpable as she shares with you how you too can teach your student maths 'the way they learn'.

    "This training includes hands-on, engaging instruction into specific ways to teach maths effectively - ways that each student can understand, ways that really work."
    "The training is perfect for teaching students to understand core mathematical concepts, as well as supporting students for intervention and those with learning difficulties"

    Why Maths Australia

    Trusted Australia wide for over 20 years

    Proven 4-Step Approach

    Research Based I-CRAVE Methodology

    Thousands of successful students

    The training really helped us to understand the 'why' in the way the program is taught and none of the teachers have strayed from it. We find that the very simple start to each new topic really helps the students to understand each topic and gain the foundations they need to solve problems in all Mathematical areas (addition, subtraction, fractions, decimals etc)

    Honestly, we think the program is perfect.

    "I've loved this course* so much that I've done it twice! So that's always a good endorsement. What I love about it is it's evidence based. So it's got a very foundation of evidence, and it's got the manipulatives and the hands-on approach to back it up and I'm looking forward to implementing it in my prep one classroom this year."

    The Maths Australia Tutor Program

    Together, we can change the way maths is taught and impact children around the world for generations. 

    If you’re ready to dive in to a new way of teaching, and a world of possibility for your students, we invite you to join us and other trailblazing educators inside the program.

    $2,499.00 ex. GSTBuy Now