Teacher Magnetic Block Set

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Large wooden, oversized representations of our Integer Blocks, with magnetic strips on the underside for Classroom whiteboard instruction.



Magnetic Integer Blocks are used to teach :


–  place value


–  addition


–  subtraction


–  multiplication


–  division



The Set includes :


12  X  Units  (1s)

2 X  Twos  (2s)

2 X  Threes  (3s)

2 X  Fours  (4s)

2 X  Fives  (5s)

2 X  Sixes  (6s)

2 X  Sevens  (7s)

2 X  Eights  (8s)

2 X   Nines  (9s)

10  X  Tens  (10s)

2  X  Hundreds  (100s)


The Integer Blocks are used in every lesson (except Epsilon Level) from Primer Level (Preschool) through to Algebra 1 (Advanced Year 10) Level.