Integer Block Kit

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This 133-piece Integer Block Kit contains all of the Integer Blocks you’ll need for effective multi sensory maths instruction.


The Integer Blocks are our primary teaching tool for every lesson, Primer (Preschool) through to Algebra 1 (Advanced Year 10), and enable a student to bridge the gap from concrete understanding – to graphic representation – to abstract application and mastery.


The Integer Block Kit includes :


20  X  units (1s)

20  X  tens  (10s),

13  X   fives  (5s)

10 X  twos  (2s),

10  X  threes  (3s)

10  X  fours  (4s)

10  X  sixes  (6s)

10  X  sevens  (7s)

10  X  eights  (8s)

10  X  nines  (9s)

10  X  hundreds (100s)blocks

1  X  Decimal Street™ template

1  X  Block Clock template.


The durable storage box doubles as a carrying case whilst keeping blocks tidy, simplifying clean up, and being a useful teaching tool for select students.

One Integer Block Kit is suitable for 1-3 students.



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