Have a child in preschool or early years? 

Give them an advantage, with a head start in maths they will love!

There's an easy solution for maths - and one that kids love!

Maybe you’ve been searching for a solution to maths that won’t unravel all the effort you’ve put in to educating your child so far, a solution that will add to their day in an engaging, educative and fun way. 

Speaking from experience, the most worrying part when you begin to think of education is the thought of entering your child into a boring system of endless worksheets and math problems that don't make any sense, where they will lose their sense of freedom and fun.

You probably know from experience that maths in school was taught in a way that didn't always make sense. You might even have friends with kids who've just started preschool who already claim they 'don't like numbers'. 

The thing is, maths and understanding numbers just needs to be taught in a clearer way. 

And there is a way to teach maths that makes sense to kids, no matter their age, ability, learning style or learning ability. Maths is like learning a new language, and the same as when they learn English, your child wants to hear, see and feel what they are being taught. 

The first level in our program is called Primer, and it's perfect for preschoolers and kids aged 4-6yrs, especially if they are showing a keen interest in numbers already! 

Say hello to multi-sensory, student-paced learning. 

The foundation of Maths Australia is teaching maths in a hands-on, multisensory way. We base all numeracy instruction - from Pre-school to Year 12 - on student-paced learning, instead of just 'keeping up with the curriculum'.

Multi-sensory means your child gets to touch and feel each step of the way, using a set of hands-on manipulatives. This teaches basic - but very essential topics - like numbers, telling the time, place value and basic addition in an easier way....and it's all based on evidence and research.

Child playing with blocks in the Primer Level
Child doing Math U see with integer blocks

Kids get a tangible experience of the relationship between numbers by using the integer blocks alongside a sequential framework for understanding, all at their own pace.

Each lesson focuses on one topic at a time and builds from the ground up. 

The most important aspect of learning is to know and understand what is being taught, and do it at your own pace. How many of us remember being rushed through a topic at school, just to get through the allocated class times before the bell rang?

And for what? How did you fare in the test later?

We don't believe in rushing blindly through topics that are so essential to our modern society - because you'll just have to go back to the beginning when your kids are older, and trust me, it's much harder then.

Each lesson in Primer is broken down into 4 easy parts:

  • Watch the video lesson: Each lesson is walked through step-by-step through video instruction, making it easy for any parent to teach, regardless of prior experience.
  • Use the manipulatives: using the hands-on tools to teach maths makes the numbers come alive! A scribbled "3" on the page becomes a solid 3-squared pink coloured block, an "8" becomes a chocolate-y eight-squared block and place value is taught through hundreds, tens and units houses on Decimal Street.
  • Use the Instruction Packs: Using the step-by-step instructions in the Instruction Manual, each lesson is spelled out on how to teach, what to work through with your child and also has special tips included.
  • Practice in the student workbook: Your child then practises what they've been taught in their student workbook. Through writing down the answers in their book, your child anchors  the information. 

There are also plenty of activities, games, word problems and extra worksheets to practice maths - as well as songs to learn how to skip count (to also engage auditory learning) that your child will love to sing along with!

Multisensory, immersion-based learning just makes teaching much easier and learning much more fun.

Got a 4-6 year old? Here's a closer look at what's taught in Primer

Primer Complete Set

Our Primer Complete Set gives you everything you need to teach in a hands-on, multisensory way.

PRIMER LEVEL FOCUS: A Fun Introduction to Maths

In Primer, students learn to write numerals and are introduced to addition, subtraction, counting, skip counting, geometric shapes, telling time, and the use of integer blocks. 

Major Concepts and Skills:
  • Counting objects and developing numeracy
  • Understanding place value
  • Recognizing number names and symbols
  • Reading and writing numerals
  • Understanding addition and subtraction with concrete and representational models
  • Understanding and writing the symbols +, – and =
  • Addition and subtraction of select numbers
  • Telling and writing time by hours and minutes
  • Recognizing & drawing rectangles, squares, and circles
  • Measuring length by repeating units
  • Introducing halves and quarters
  • Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, and 100s
  • Reading, writing & interpreting word problems
Overview and Sample Lesson:

Multisensory maths follows a simple 4-step methodology

You want to set your kids up for the best possible start to their schooling and education. And Primer is just the beginning of a whole maths program available for K-12 following the same methodology.

The 7 Foundational Levels of our program focus around multi-sensory maths using manipulatives (hands-on tools) and our 4-step methodology all the way through each lesson, from preschool to Grade 12 and even university level maths.





The see it, feel it, write it and say it approach means that students progress through each level using all learning styles and progress sequentially (from left to right below) to build on the foundational principles learnt in the previous levels. For some kids, a particular level will be easy and they'll breeze through. For other kids, that same level may take a little longer. That's what's so great about Math-U-See. The layout of the program caters to any child's learning speed.

Simply take your time on the levels you're struggling with, and breeze on through if you're mastering it quickly. Each level comes with lessons and materials to make sure 'mastery' of that level has been achieved before you move on to the next.


A Fun Introduction to Maths


Mastering Single Digit Addition and Subtraction


Addition and Subtraction for Multi-Digit Numbers


Multiplication for Single and Multi-Digit Numbers


Short & long Division, Solving problems with all 4 operations


Fractions, Factors, Mixed Numbers and more


Decimals, Percents and Conversions

For a full description of every level, video demonstrations, practice tests and to work out which level to start on...

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The 'manipulative' Block Kits in the Primer set can also be used for the next 8 year levels to teach hands-on maths...



Fraction Overlays






























What other parents say about the Math-U-See program

All of my kids are kinaesthetic learners so the blocks and fraction overlays helped them to 'see' the maths in a concrete way, and the methods used are simple but better than any methods that I have seen in any classroom in my work as a Learning Support Officer. I just want to say 'thankyou' to Math-U-See for helping to make our learning journey easier. It has been a pleasure!


I have been using Math-U-See resources for 15 years. I will soon be starting my 6th child on it. In all my years of homeschooling this is the only curriculum that has stood the test of time.

Sally Farelly

We’ve been using Math-U-See for all six of our children. I love the programs flexibility to slow down or speed up. The video instructions means the older children can move through the program independently and they have helped me refresh my own math 🙂 The manipulatives and multi-sensory approach has especially suited my five boys with their nimble fingers and need to touch everything! Honestly, we really enjoy our Maths lessons first thing every day! It's also worked for teaching multiple children at multiple levels. My older sons transitioned into high school, competent and confident in their math ability without any difficulty. I love the consistent approach across the years and mastery expectation.

Jodie Jayatilaka

Watch the Math-U-See methodology in action

We also have online Parent Training workshops available

If you're struggling with how to teach your child maths from a young age and engage them effectively, or just need that confidence boost to move from 'parent of a toddler' to teaching intentionally, we also offer online Parent Training workshops. Our workshops explore the importance of using multisensory tools and hands-on learning and show you how to make maths an easy and interesting subject to teach. These trainings are perfect if you've purchased the Math-U-See program, but can also be used alongside any other curriculum.

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