Why You Should Review Your Child’s Progress

By Jasmine

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Take a moment to review your child's progress

It’s hard to believe that the school year is almost over, but - here we are! The holidays are swiftly approaching and a New Year is about to begin. Now is an ideal time to reflect on how our children have progressed throughout the year!  

This can be a totally daunting task or quite an exciting time! We have the opportunity to review all of the choices we have made regarding our children’s education and see if they have been supportive of their learning styles, their aptitude for certain subjects, and whether they have in fact developed greater confidence...or not.

As parents, we have a great desire to see our children excel in maths. We want to save them from the fear, or hatred, of maths that comes from them not understanding it; from them not being taught it in a way that they “get”. Yet often we are faced with programs that do nothing more than try to teach abstract maths facts to students that actually can not learn this way.

Do you need a new maths program?

Imagine if your children could learn maths using all of their faculties. Imagine if they could learn maths by touching, seeing, and hearing! All while by being taught according to research and evidence-based best practices!!!

Imagine your child learning maths by touching, seeing, and hearing! Maths Australia’s program offers a multi-sensory approach for all learning styles.

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Maths Australia’s “Math-U-See” is the simplest tool currently available in Australia for parents committed to teaching their children excellence and complete understanding in maths. From a sequential framework, we guide you and your students through from addition and subtraction, to multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percents, algebra and beyond! We provide everything you need to do this with ease and fun!

We “Build Understanding” in students with a multi-sensory, mastery-based approach suitable for all levels and learning styles. With lesson-by-lesson instructional DVDs, Instruction Manuals, Hands-on manipulatives, and complete Student Kits for practice and revision, our program supports you to teach your child maths mastery!

Want to know where your student is at?

If you want to determine where your student is at with their maths, you can do so by taking our free diagnostic test. This means you'll know if they've been learning maths in a concrete way in maths class, or if they need something new.

You might have heard about the Math-U-See program from friends or other homeschooling families that use this simple and effective maths program for their kids. They did the switch to Math-U-See and never looked back!

The best thing about the online tests is that the questions are laid out in simple, easy format and your student's results are automatically calculated. 

You'll know where to start and what to do to fill in those gaps in their maths knowledge.

Here's the link to that free diagnostic test:

If you have any questions, we're here to help. 

You can contact us directly here.


The Team at Maths Australia

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