5 Holiday Maths Activities for your Kids

By Jasmine

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Here's some holiday maths activities that your kids will love

When your kids are on holidays, they don't want to sit down and revise their maths problems. They want to run around and have fun while it lasts!

If you're homeschooling, home educating or unschooling, or sending your kids to school, you can use these five easy tips to include maths in your break time. Thais way, you eon't have kids complaining about "having to do schoolwork" but you'll keep them engaged and learning how to use numbers in everyday life. 

It's a great list to use, and there's also a free 100 Maths Activities download that will give you loads of ideas to last the whole year!

1. Take a trip to your local library

Take a trip with your child to your library to discover new children’s books about maths. These books are a great and fun way to help your child begin understanding the purpose of maths. You can also visit our Maths Story Books Pinterest board for some wonderful options to get you started!

2. Let your child play with the blocks

Free play with blocks can be a great way to prepare your child for his introduction to Math-U-See. Two or three times a week, encourage your child to use his imagination to create different games to play with the blocks. This is a fun way for your child to become familiar with sorting the blocks and learning the block colours.

3. Turn word problems in to fun puzzles

"If you have 7 apples and Alice ate 4 of them, how many do you have left?"

Word problems can be so frustrating. Try presenting them as puzzles instead. Your older children may enjoy working through word problems developed for lower level students. This activity makes word problems fun, and it reinforces previously mastered maths skills.

4. Use the free worksheets

Maths Australia has developed downloadable maths facts sheets to help students stay on top of their math concepts. This is a wonderful way for students to work on memorising and remembering maths facts, which has the potential to improve your child’s comprehension and readiness to move to the next maths level. Also, try a few of our other free downloadable worksheets for more targeted instruction.

5. Do some outdoor maths with your kids

This activity booklet below has 100 Maths Activities that you can do with your kids - and all of them outside the maths classroom. Engaging, exciting for your kids and best of all, maths skills are learnt with a sense of humour and without the books!

We've put all 100 Maths Activity Ideas into a handy PDF!

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Enjoy your holiday break and these fun activities!

The Team at Maths Australia

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