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How To Confidently Teach Your Child Maths

(even if you struggled with it yourself)

7PM Brisbane, 8PM Melbourne / Sydney, 5PM Perth

The Smartest Way to Teach Maths

We know how hard it can be to teach maths, especially when your kids are finding simple ideas, such as Addition & Subtraction, difficult.

If you need a little extra help teaching your kids, are struggling and need intervention, or experience learning differences - then this is for you!

We'll cover why and how to teach multi-sensory maths - in simple, easy steps.

Teaching Maths As A Language

There's a smart way to teach maths and, shall we say, a 'not so smart' way to teach it. When we teach maths as a language that can be encoded and decoded using a multi-sensory approach, we set each student up for success.

How Multi-Sensory Tools Assist Learning

Learn how to use hands-on manipulatives to teach different topics in a way that reduces cognitive load, improves student engagement and helps them actually understand maths.

Practical Strategies You Can Apply Immediately

We're not just going to tell you about multi-sensory maths tools. We're going to get stuck into practical examples you can apply straight away, using just two manipulatives that are used to teach all whole number operations, fractions, decimals, percents and algebra.

Meet your Host

Esther White

Developer of 'I-CRAVE Maths' & CEO Maths Australia

Esther’s passion is for every child to be empowered in life through a strong foundation in maths. One that began as she homeschooled her five daughters. 

Based on her 24 years of supplying the Montessori-inspired 'Math U See' Program and of teaching the 'how-to' of multi-sensory maths to teachers, tutors, intervention specialists and parents, Esther created the 'I-CRAVE Maths' Methodology. An evidence-based approach that demystifies maths instruction and brings research into daily practice.

Esther's warmth, thought leadership and vision are palpable as she shares with you how you too can teach your student maths 'the way they learn'.

Your awesome program has been a lifesaver for me as a homeschooling parent! My daughter loves it and she just gets it straight away. We love that it’s multi sensory and this is something that I think a lot of Aboriginal educators such as us will love too. We have tried two other programs that didn’t work but this one we will stick with for a long time!

The Integer blocks are incredible to teach maths with! I have been using them with my older son with fantastic results. I will be recommending the Math-U-See program to everybody and plan to use it when my younger children start school as well. They are already exploring the integer blocks and getting them out to play with of their own accord - maths in play! Seeing the happiness in my son's face when concepts, which were once elusive, click in his mind is priceless.... Thankyou!

Discover the simplest way to teach maths, backed by both research, and decades of practical application.

How to Teach Maths Confidently

(even if you struggled with it yourself)

7PM Brisbane, 8PM Melbourne / Sydney, 5PM Perth