Downloadable Resources & Mastery Tools

To support your teaching with Math-U-See,
we’ve created a range of free online maths resources for you.

From mastering maths online through useful tools and quizzes to downloading  
graph paper and practice sheets, these maths resources will make delivering great lessons simpler.

Lesson preparation:

Lesson Planner – Plan lessons simply and clearly using our lesson planner.

Tips on Teaching Word Problems – Step-by-step advice to improve delivery of word problems.

Assessment and Progress Resources:

Record Sheets – Track progress easily with our simple record sheets for each Math-U-See level

Worksheet Generator

Extra Activity sheets:

Extra Activity Pages – Primer – Extra fun activity sheets to offer more practice at the Primer level

Extra Activity Pages – Alpha – Extra fun activity sheets to offer more practice at the Alpha level

Addition Facts Sheet – Simply review single-digit addition with this easy-to-use resource.

Subtraction Facts Sheet – Test single-digit subtraction facts with this simple maths resource.

Multiplication Facts Sheet – Practice maths timetables using this handy grid.

Division Facts Sheet – This fact sheet helps students to practice single-digit division.

Graph paper:

Graph Paper – Sheets of graph paper for any use

Six Graphs Per Page – Sheets with 6 graphs per page 

Half Inch Graph Paper – Graph paper with large squares 

Graphs for Trigonometric Functions – Graphs for trigonometry practice

Other Supporting Documentation:

Description of Secondary Courses – Learn more about each level of the secondary syllabus (Pre-algebra to Calculus) in this downloadable fact sheet.

Corrections to Math-U-See Content:

As we become aware of any necessary corrections to the content of Math-U-See, we’ll add them here.