What Makes Math-U-See Unique?

Our Difference:
Concrete - Graphic Representation - Abstract

At Maths Australia, we base all numeracy instruction–from Pre-school to Year 12—on multi-sensory, student-paced learning. 

Here’s why we’re different:

  • We make maths Concrete: maths becomes something you can see with our multi-sensory manipulatives.
  • This hands-on learning creates strong foundations for understanding. Graphic Representation then leads the student to Abstract application.
  • Our innovative approach is framed within an engaging and effective sequential maths program: Math-U-See.

Math-U-See makes maths achievable and enjoyable for every student, whatever their learning style.

It’s simple-to-follow and fun to teach. Anyone can use Math-U-See—teachers, parents, homeschoolers or tutors—to enable any student, at any age and ability to achieve their maths mastery.

Our difference comes from our passion –  to include and motivate every learner to succeed in their journey to maths mastery.

Our Methodology: How We Do It So Well

We Teach by Concept

At Maths Australia, we  teach more than simply how to solve a math problem: we teach why the problem gets solved that way.

While memorising basic facts and formulas is still an essential part of the program, we know that actual understanding comes from learning concepts and discovering how to apply them to real-life.

We teach using hands-on manipulatives and use this multi-sensory knowledge to solve fun everyday life situations or word problems. 

Math-U-See focuses on first making maths something you can see, touch and feel to help make concepts more concrete. This creates the foundations for true understanding.

We Teach to Mastery

Students develop mastery at every stage of their journey with Math-U-See.

Each concept must be clearly understood before moving onto the next. This sequential approach asks students to teach a concept back to you—the maths teacher or tutor—to demonstrate that mastery has been achieved.

Math-U-See follows a simple 4-Step Process for introducing, practicing, mastering and reviewing every concept. Our process gives maths teachers all the information and tools you’ll need to help a student progress onto the next lesson. "We use manipulatives—coloured blocks, fraction overlays, algebra/ decimal inserts—from the Primer through to Algebra 1 levels of Math-U-See. We cover mastery of maths from Preschool through High School."

This innovative program brings simplicity to maths teaching, benefitting schools, homeschoolers and tutors across Australia.

Our Vision:
Maths Mastery for Every Student

At Maths Australia, we believe that each and every student can learn maths in a way that perfectly suits their personal learning style! 

As experienced educators, we believe it is our responsibility to turn maths into something you can see. This makes it simple to teach, concrete to understand and enjoyable to learn.

Math-U-See presents maths with an evidence-based methodology that enables every student to have the opportunity and learn the maths tools to be empowered.

From school to home and on through the rest of their lives, we enable every child and student to achieve maths mastery.

Our Program is Complete:
K-12, Skill-based & Multi-sensory

We use manipulatives—coloured blocks, fraction overlays, algebra/ decimal inserts—from the Primer through to Algebra 1 levels of Math-U-See.

Each concept is built from these hands-on tools. With them, you’ll cover everything from place value to polynomials.

We recognise that each student is unique and so is the way they learn maths. The more senses we can incorporate into every maths lesson—sight, hearing & touch—the more differences we can successfully address.

Being multi-sensory also supports retention and memory, decreasing the need for a student to re-learn maths concepts over and over.

Based on In-Depth
Research Recommendations

Math-U-See includes all the recommendations from the last 20 years’ of independent researchers on best practice for maths instruction. 

Our program is designed to help students learn maths mastery whatever their age, ability and current level of maths knowledge.

Karen Thomas Homeschooler

The program made so much sense to us. Our children now enjoy doing their maths lessons. We are so happy with the program, our kids have achieved so much in a short period of time.

Teresa Evington HomeSchooler

We are enjoying Math U See immensely - it’s so simple to use. Sometimes l just need to have things set out easily for me instead of having to think of ideas for every subject.

Natasha Correia HomeSchooler, Learning Support Teacher

... the methods used are simple but better than any methods that I have seen in any classroom in my work as a Learning Support Officer in schools. I just want to say, 'thankyou' to Math-U-See for helping to make our homeschool journey easier.

Heather Martins HomeSchooler

I highly recommend Math U See to other homeschool friends. My daughter has gone from passionately HATING maths and mentally shutting down at the mere mention of it, to actually asking for maths problems to be given to her in her free time - for fun!

Aimee and Matt Andersen HomeSchoolers

We wanted a non-fuss, easy to teach maths program that would give our boys a love of maths. We got this and much, much more with Math-U-See! From having originally struggled with maths, we now have 3 confident little maths men who are all receiving top marks and asking to do maths all the time.

Julie Lockyer Head of Primary, Caloundra Christian College

The kids are so excited about learning maths with Math-U-See! We actually have to stop them doing maths.