Why Does Math-U-See work?

By Jasmine

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When asked, our parents, home educators, and teachers are likely to describe Maths Australia’s Math-U-See program as “the one with the blocks,” and we are fine with that! Our manipulatives are the heart of who we are; they are the most memorable part of our math program. However, we are much MORE than that. Here are four fun facts, beyond the “blocks,” that make us special:

Math-U-See is Skill-Based

We focus on mastery of concepts because we understand that each new math concept builds on the previously learned concept. Instead of using grade levels to describe our elementary curriculum offerings, we use Greek letter names – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta. At each level, students are immersed in one primary topic. They start with addition and subtraction. Eventually, they work their way up to multiplication and division, and then on to decimals and fractions. Similarly, our upper level math curriculum begins with Pre-Algebra and follows a similar progression to other high school math programs.

Math-U-See Provides Full Support 

We provide detailed videos and Instruction Manuals for each level to ensure you, as the instructor, have a thorough grasp of the material so you are able to model it and teach it. For those who have more questions, please contactMegan our Senior Support Agent on 0432 264 822 or megan@mathsaustralia.com.au.

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Math-U-See’s Materials are Well-Designed

Our materials allow students to concentrate on both practicing and reviewing maths concepts, and our tests give students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. Once students master a specific concept, they have the freedom to move on to the next lesson. We eliminate the busywork and focus on useful practice and review.

Math-U-See Builds Understanding Through Concept Mastery

Students learn how to do maths, but more importantly, students learn WHY to do maths. We start with a strong foundation, and then we build on the underlying foundation so students develop important maths skills while learning new concepts. Students are encouraged to memorize formulas and facts to increase mastery of more complex maths.

And we cannot forget about our blocks! 

All of our manipulatives, from Fraction Overlays to Algebra/Decimal Inserts, are special. How do we know? Our teachers and parents and students tell us so! Additionally, recent research shows that our manipulatives are effective! Math-U-See uses manipulatives on each level, from pre-K through to high school. With our manipulatives, students are able to more easily visualize math concepts using the physical objects. Our manipulatives are simple, they have no extra features that could possibly be distracting. Finally, students can use the manipulatives to “teach it back,” an important component of the Math-U-See program that confirms students have mastered a concept. 

We are proud of our award-winning maths curriculum, and rightfully so! Math-U-See has helped thousands of students and their parents find the fun in maths. It has helped them realize their potential and given them the confidence to take it to the next level!

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