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Find out your child’s actual level of maths mastery regardless of their age or year level at school. See how to tackle any gaps in your child’s learning and predict their readiness to progress.

Maths Australia has specifically designed online placement tests which clearly identify your child’s unique level of math’s mastery. They can identify any gaps in a student’s learning and can even predict the student’s readiness to progress from their current level. With Maths Australia’s placement tests you can ensure that your child never fails to master concepts or that they progress to more complex maths while they have gaps in their understanding.

Pushing a student beyond their current level of ability can cause irreparable damage. Students lose confidence in themselves, thinking that they are ‘dumb’ at maths, and even end up passionately hating maths. The struggle can be just as great for the parent/teacher.

This is why it is imperative for students to be placed at the correct level.

A student may be a certain age or year level according to school ranking, but how do we identify their actual mastery and readiness?

Maths Australia’s placement tests identify exactly your students unique level of mastery, exactly what they have mastered and retained, and where the gaps are in their learning. You can even predict their readiness to progress from their current level, fill in any gaps and systematically monitor their progress throughout their maths learning journey.

Here’s How It Is Done

If your child can recognise, read, and write the numbers 0-10, begin with the Alpha Placement Test. It is critical that you determine their current level of maths mastery, and understanding.

Progress through every placement test until your child begins to struggle or shows signs of not understanding the questions.

The placement test where your child starts to struggle and gains less than 80-90% correct answers is the level to begin in Math-U-See.

For example, If your child does not receive 90% score on the Gamma Level Placement Test, commence on the Gamma Level.

Note: If your child is finger counting or unit counting, they will need to commence at Alpha Level regardless of their age.

Give your child the best start in maths with Maths Australia’s exclusive placement tests and identify your child’s actual level of maths mastery!

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Administering the placement test is easy

Simply click on this link and fill in your details, the test will be emailed to you (check your spam as it may land there!) Print the test and have your student complete the test unassisted. The tests consists of around 20 – 30 questions and will typically take no more than 20 – 30 mins to complete.

At the completion of the placement tests you will have an exact indication of your student’s level of maths mastery.

Maths Australia’s placement tests are research based, highly effective and have proven to reduce pitfalls often faced when using alternate testing methods.

Maths is sequential and if students are pushed beyond their current level of mastery, with gaps in their learning, the gaps will widen and students will find it very difficult to recover. The placements tests can be taken at any age or year level, the results will be that you have a very clear indication of your child’s current level of mastery.

For full phone support with administering the placement tests or for any questions you may have about Maths Australia’s award winning, multisensory maths program, please call Maths Australia’s Senior Support Officer Megan 0432 264 822. Megan is available between 9am – 2pm to answer any questions you may have and to provide any information needed in regards to your students maths learning journey.

Students should simply be taught the way they learn. This is possible with Maths Australia’s research based, hands on and student paced maths mastery program.

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Students will struggle if they are pushed beyond their current level of maths mastery. The gap will widen and the struggle will continue if this is not addressed. There is hope. No student needs to struggle with maths, and think that they are not capable. Students should simply be taught the way they learn, and in a way that they can understand. This is possible with Maths Australia’s research based, hands on and student paced maths mastery program.

  • By taking Maths Australia’s exclusive placement tests we can identify the students unique blue print in maths mastery and work with them to enhance their current level.
  • Identifying a student’s level of mastery allows us to place a student in the correct Math-U-See level. You can see video demonstrations of how easy it is to teach maths using a multi-sensory methodology here.
  • Want to know how teaching maths can be made easy? – Click to download 4 Steps to Teaching Maths Mastery.


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