Are you Watching the Math-U-See Videos?

By Jasmine

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One of the wonderful benefits of the Math U See program is the videos provided.  It could be very tempting to just play the videos for your student. However, the videos aren’t just for your student.  They are for you as the teacher.  Are you reaping the benefits of the Math U See videos?

The Math U See was developed with the intention to empower parents in successfully teaching maths.  Maths can be one of the more difficult subjects to learn, and the goal was for it not to be as difficult to teach.  The creator has deconstructed his instruction in a digestible manner to help you teach Maths to your children. The videos are designed to help you understand what your child is learning.  Ideally, once the child has thoroughly learned a concept, they will be able to teach you what they’ve learned.

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So are the videos necessary? The short answer is yes.  The videos tie everything together, how to teach and what your student will learn.

You invested in Math U See because you believed it would benefit your child.  Follow the program as it was designed is the way to make the most out of your investment.  If your child has been the only one watching the videos, it’s not too late to join them. Allow the videos to guide you in your comprehension of what your student is learning.  The benefit will be to you both.

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