The Smart Way to Teach Maths

Math-U-See offers an engaging, hands-on and fun way to learn maths.

This research-based program is fully adaptable. It can cater to any student’s learning style, pace of learning and current level of maths mastery. It offers maths you can see, touch and understand in truly concrete ways.

Math-U-See works brilliantly for both students in need of extra support and those looking for an extra challenge in their maths learning.

Fun, hands-on lessons makes maths something students can see, touch and feel. Our innovative coloured Integer blocks, clear online and DVD video lessons, and other multi-sensory resources bring maths to life for any student.

Learning with Math-U-See is as simple as...

Discover your student's level of mastery with
our exclusive Placement Tests

Teach new concepts in a concrete way  through hands-on Math-U-See lessons

Reinforce learning and understanding as the student teaches the concept back to you!

Discover your student’s level of mastery

Every student takes a series of placement tests before starting with Math-U-See. This allows you to clearly identify their current level of understanding, including any gaps in their maths knowledge.  

The placement tests will show you the best Math-U-See level to begin each student on. They are also used to identify when a student is ready to move up a level.

With levels covering preschool to Year 12, every student will find the ideal level at which to begin their journey to maths mastery.

Teach new concepts in a logical, concrete way

Math-U-See takes a straightforward, research-based and sequential approach to maths learning. It makes maths something you can see; making key concepts something concrete for every learner.

Each level focuses on mastering one key maths concept. This enables each student to master maths step-by-step, building confidence and proficiency in bite-size chunks.

Learning is a hands-on experience with our innovative manipulatives. Through engaging word problems, problem solving and real-life scenarios, the relevance and application of each maths concept to everyday life is always clear.

Math-U-See benefits teachers too. The lesson-by-lesson DVD and Instruction Manual, supported by a simple range of helpful resources, makes teaching every Math-U-See lesson simple and straightforward. Your confidence in teaching maths will grow alongside your student’s maths mastery!

Reinforce learning and understanding

To reinforce each learning, the students teaches every concept back to you in their own words. This is the crucial final step in how Maths-U-See works effectively.

As they demonstrate mastery, they proceed to the written Student Kit where they revise the learned content of the lesson. The Student Kit also gives a chance to review previous content from prior lessons.

This is the final step in our ‘4 Step Approach for Maths Mastery’. This approach has been proven to build stronger understanding, retention and confidence.