Math-U-See for Tutors

How can you make maths concrete for every student?

The answer: By using Math-U-See

Bringing Maths to Life

When maths is taught outside of the classroom, it can be difficult to engage and focus a student. Whether your student’s excelling beyond their peers or struggling to keep up, you need a proven resource that lifts maths off the page and into their everyday life..

But how can you achieve this as a maths tutor? How can you make maths something your student can touch, feel and see?

Our innovative approach makes maths concrete by using coloured integer blocks, visual teaching aids and a methodology focussed on achieving mastery at every single step.

This approach brings most benefit to students who have a diagnosed learning difference, short term memory deficit, or face frequent challenges in their learning journey. Maths becomes real and 3-D, something they build first to support their development of a firm grasp of maths.  

Engaging, multi-sensory lessons taught in a sequential and mastery-based framework include all recommendations for intervention. Fun exercises and a hands-on, experiential approach to learning helps keep focus and make maths concepts concrete for every student.

Discover the maths resource that helps you—the maths tutor—facilitate maths mastery for every student.

Making Maths Concrete for
Every Student

Math-U-See's innovative tools bring maths to life. 

Our manipulatives (coloured blocks, fraction overlays and algebra/ decimal inserts) make numbers something to hold and move around the page. Real-life scenarios help make maths concepts an understandable and relevant part of your student’s everyday life.

Working with Math-U-See enables every student to develop their own understanding of maths. It supports them in exactly the way and at exactly the pace they learn best.

Math-U-See helps maths to become a positive part of your student’s futures rather than a barrier to their progression.

How Math-U-See Supports Maths Tutors’ Best Work

Teaching maths concepts and learning areas is simplified for maths tutors through Math-U-See’ s sequential curriculum and learning tools. It helps you to deliver key concepts one-at-a-time and encourage proficiency with each before moving on. 

This in-depth, supportive and focussed learning is purposefully designed to support the type of specialist teaching you offer as a maths tutor. 

One-on-one, or small group student-centric learning with engaging multi-sensory tools enable you to better demonstrate concepts concretely.

Math-U-See frames maths through real-life scenarios and the tactile learning constantly helps with maths becoming concrete. Each concept is clearly broken down into bite size chunks which are taught through our effective ‘build-write-say’ method.

As Math-U-See is fully adaptable, you’ll be able to confidently tailor every lesson to every student’s unique learning requirements. Tracking their learning through the clear stages, you’ll discover more about how they learn and the pace that’s ideal for them.

And there are plenty of additional resources  to enable your student to practice until they attain proficiency and clear testing that shows you when they’re ready to move on.

Math-U-See helps tutors to create strong foundations for lifelong maths mastery.

What’s your next step?

Delve into the Math-U-See curriculum to discover the innovative and sequential route to achieving maths mastery for every student. Learn how it aligns with the ACARA Maths Curriculum too.

Get in touch with us to find out more, or browse through our FAQs.

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Four Steps to Supporting Maths Mastery

Teach maths mastery effectively to every student with Math-U-See.

Maths Australia's innovative, multi-sensory program provides you with everything you’ll need to make teaching maths fun and engaging. 

First, students take the Placement tests to identify the right level to begin at.

Then, every Math-U-See lesson follows a simple four-step process. This provides all the support and tools you’ll need to learn, teach and test the content of every lesson.

Step 1:
Preparing to Teach

Preparing your lessons with Maths-U-See couldn’t be simpler.

Concepts, activities and examples are all clearly outlined in the Math-U-See Lesson-by-Lesson DVD and Instruction Manual. Practice the lesson with the Math-U-See manipulatives to develop confidence in teaching each concept concretely. 

Watch some example lessons here.

Step 2:
Presenting Your Lesson

Lesson planned and understood, it’s time to teach it effectively with Math-U-See.

Our proven ‘build-write-say’ method creates a systematic, hands-on approach to effective learning. Build each problem with the manipulatives, write it down step-by-step then say why the solution works.

Step 3:
Practicing for Maths Mastery

Build confidence and develop proficiency through engaging practice.

Visual, hands-on and focused on problem-solving, every concept is practiced through a range of engaging exercises. Word problems help with clear application of maths concepts while real-life contexts make learning relevant to your student’s everyday life. Learning is reinforced as the student becomes the maths tutor – teaching the concept back to you.

Step 4:
Progress after Mastery

Every student progresses at his or her own speed – one level at a time.

A student moves to the next level after demonstrating proficiency of the previous one. This approach allows self-paced, clear sequential steps through key maths concepts. Students develop maths mastery and confidence by progressing at exactly the right speed for them.

Math-U-See is used by these specialist tutors and organisations

Caloundra Christian College

St Joseph's Nudgee College

Australian Christian College Moreton

Horizon Christian School

Penrith Anglican College

Yipirinya School

Shore Sydney Church of England School

Busselton Senior High School

Jennifer R, Learning Support Teacher, All Saints Anglican School

Kids are loving the program and one of our boys who has an intellectual impairment, started correctly adding up scores on Masterchef the other night- much to his parents surprise and delight!!! Great to see that he has held the skills and generalising them- Happy Days!

Cindy Charden, Maths Tutor

I recommend this program to everyone who is having issues with math or just wanting to find a good program. The hands-on Manipulatives, Fraction Overlays, and the Algebra/Decimal Inserts set has made math easier to understand. We will use this program to its end!