Math-U-See for Schools

How can maths mastery become a reality for every student in every school?

The answer: By using Math-U-See.

Maths Mastery for Every Student

Making maths relevant, exciting and engaging for every student is a key challenge for every maths teacher.

In classrooms where students have potentially diverse range of learning needs, teaching ACARA maths effectively is a touch challenge. Engaging every student to achieve their maths mastery can seem all but impossible.

Maths Australia observes these challenges for maths teachers in almost every school. In working to find the best solution for maths teachers everywhere, we asked ourselves one crucial question: 

"How can maths mastery become a reality for every student in every school?"
The answer ~ By using Math-U-See

for Maths Teachers

Math-U-See is a hands-on, multi-sensory and adaptable maths teaching program. Crucially, it allows every student to progress at exactly the pace that’s right for them. 

Based on our research-proven ‘build-write-say’ system Math-U-See helps students build confidence improve retention of learning and gain new enthusiasm for maths.

Math-U-See exceeds the eight recommendations for effective maths instruction as well as aligning with the Australian maths curriculum. Our sequential levels can lead students confidently through any part of their maths mastery journey – from preschool to Year 12.

Our innovative manipulatives make teaching maths concepts straightforward while our DVD lessons ensure every concept is comprehensively covered.

Most importantly, Math-U-See is carefully designed to support you—the maths teacher—so you can always do your best work and truly teach maths in a way students understand and enjoy.

How Math-U-See Supports Every Teachers' Best Work

Math-U-See is specifically designed to support those critical pillars of Australian maths teaching: “The Five Strands of Mathematical Actions for Students.” 

Teaching maths concepts and learning areas is made simple through our Math-U-See curriculum. It’s based around delivering key concepts one-at-a-time through the sequential levels of maths learning. This contrasts the spiral learning approach of the national curriculum.

Using our innovative, hands-on manipulatives, maths concepts become concrete. Each learning is strongly retained through our proven ‘build-write-say’ method and ‘four step approach’, where the student finishes by teaching each maths concept back to you to demonstrate mastery.

The goal at every level is to build confidence and test proficiency in each concept before progressing. Using Math-U-See, maths teachers create strong foundations in the learning, enabling every student’s personal journey to maths mastery.

Math-U-See makes maths teaching and learning jargon-free, engaging and fun. Maths is taught through real-life word problems and multi-sensory learning tools.

There are additional resources available to maths teachers across every learning level. With a curriculum that covers preschool to Year 12, Math-U-See will give you the resources and confidence to teach every student to the very best of your abilities.

What’s your next step?

Delve into the Math-U-See program to discover the innovative and sequential route to achieving maths mastery for every student. Learn how it aligns with the Australian Curriculum too.

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Four Steps to Supporting Maths Mastery

Teach maths mastery effectively to every student with Math-U-See.

Maths Australia's innovative, multi-sensory program provides you with everything you’ll need to make teaching maths fun and engaging. 

First, students take the Placement tests to identify the right level to begin at.

Then, every Math-U-See lesson follows a simple four-step process. This provides all the support and tools you’ll need to learn, teach and test the content of every lesson.

Step 1:
Preparing to Teach

Preparing your lessons with Math-U-See couldn’t be simpler.

Concepts, activities and examples are all clearly outlined in the Math-U-See Lesson-by-Lesson DVD and Instruction Manual. Practice the lesson with the relevant Math-U-See manipulatives to develop confidence in teaching maths concepts concretely.

Step 2:
Presenting Your Lesson

Lesson planned and understood, it’s time to teach maths. 

Our proven ‘build-write-say’ method creates a systematic, hands-on approach to effective learning. Build each problem with the manipulatives, write it down step-by-step then say why the solution works. Learning is reinforced when the student becomes the maths teacher – teaching the concept back to you.

Step 3:
Practicing for Maths Mastery

Build confidence and develop proficiency through engaging practice.

Visual, hands-on and focused on problem-solving, every concept is practiced through a range of engaging exercises. Word problems support clear application of maths while real-life contexts make learning relevant to your student’s everyday life.

Step 4:
Progress after Mastery

Every student progresses at his or her own speed.

A student moves to the next level after demonstrating proficiency of the previous one. This approach allows self-paced, clear sequential steps through key maths concepts. Students develop maths mastery and confidence by progressing at exactly the right speed for them. 

Math-U-See already
benefits students and teachers at these schools:

Westside Christian College

Good Shepherd Christian School

Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School

The Springfield Anglican College

Caloundra Christian College

St Joseph's Nudgee College

Australian Christian College Moreton

Horizon Christian School

Penrith Anglican College

Yipirinya School

Shore Sydney Church of England School

Busselton Senior High School

Ambrose Treacy College

All Saints Anglican School

St. John's Anglican College

Julie Lockyer Principal, Caloundra Christian School

The kids are so excited [about learning maths with Math-U-See]! We actually have to stop them doing maths.

Dr Terri Nesbitt-Foster, Head of Learning Enrichment, St Joseph’s Nudgee Junior College

We’ve seen significant improvements in just one term of using Math-U-See.

Daniel Martian Maths Teacher, Busselton High School

I’m finding the Math-U-See program is easy to present and adapt to our student needs. With just 20 minutes a day, our students are getting great results.