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What’s the difference between Math-U-See and other maths programs?

The most important difference between Math-U-See and other maths programs is the fact that it is truly multi-sensory. By using hands on manipulatives for each lesson to introduce new maths topics - from place value and basic numbers through to fractions and algebra - you engage your student and begin to teach maths effectively. These manipulatives take abstract numbers on a page and turn it into concrete understanding. This process is essential for maths success.

We also teach based on each individual student. Our program follows a sequential and student-based approach, where each student is supported to move as fast – or as slow – as they need in order to master each topic.

Is Math-U-See a complete curriculum?

Yes. According to Department of Education specialists, Math-U-See meets the requirements of the Australian Curriculum. We do it slightly differently though – where schools come from a “spiral approach” and only touch on certain topics briefly before moving on to the next – we teach using a mastery approach, where we stay with each topic until the student has understood it completely.

Math-U-See can also be used as a supplement to other maths programs, and by doing so will provide you with an outstanding ability and knowledge on HOW to teach each maths concept in a concrete manner. Research proves that maths must be taught using a “concrete - to - abstract” framework for a student to truly understand and master for application. Therefore it is important to use Math-U-See to achieve success, and no matter what context, if you follow the proven methodologies, it will work for you.

Can Math-U-See be used alongside a school-based maths curriculum?

Yes. In General Education, the Math-U-See methodology  and learning system may be used to teach individual concepts or ideas alongside any maths program. Because of the hands-on and teaching methods used, gaps in learning and understanding of tricky concepts can be filled quickly and effectively. Many parents, teachers and tutors are using the Math-U-See program alongside school curriculum and most are even using Math-U-See entirely, due to its excellent results with students. 

How do I decide where to place my student?

Our free online Placement Tests enable you to accurately determine your student’s current level of mastery, and automatically recommends which level in Math-U-See you need to place them. This is not determined according to age, but rather according to your student’s understanding and application of maths.

What is the recommended amount of time for a lesson?

The amount of time for each lesson depends on your student. If they are struggling with a concept, it is important to take some time re-watching the video lessons, going over the Instruction materials and building out the maths problem with the manipulatives. In this way, you ensure mastery of the subject. There's no point rushing ahead if you'll have to go back later and learn it again (plus, it'll be harder and more annoying to learn the second time around).

What materials do I require for each level?

Each level of Math-U-See requires the following:

- An Instruction Pack (with lesson-by-lesson instruction videos and comprehensive teacher manual)
- A Student Kit (for lesson practice, review and testing)
- Manipulatives (for the crucial hands-on approach to teaching and learning).

You can see the manipulatives requirements for each level on our 'How it works' page.

All of these will be included in your Complete Set, as well as some juicy bonuses. We can’t wait to get you started!

Can I buy the video or Student Text separately?

To ensure the integrity and effectiveness of Math-U-See is maintained, these items are not sold seperately. The Instruction Pack includes the Instruction Manual and lesson-by-lesson videos. The Student Pack includes the Student Text,Test Booklet, Completion Certificate and Honors (for upper levels). Manipulatives are required, depending on the level of maths instruction. This means you have everything you need to start teaching effective maths all-in-one. 

How many students can I use the Integer Block Kit for?

You can use the Integer Block Kit for up to 3 students at a time. If you want to build out larger maths problems, you might want to get an extra set (plus, kids love the blocks. You won't be disappointed!)

Can we view samples of the product prior to purchasing?

Samples of each Math-U-See level are available in our  'How it works'  section. Video sample lessons, as well as written lesson instruction, solutions & student mastery worksheet samples are included for each level. 

If you would like to request a free sample pack which includes the manipulatives, please contact us directly.
Please note: this option is generally limited to schools.

What is the expected delivery time for my order?

Our delivery team provides excellent service! Our standard delivery time is for your order to arrive directly to your door within 3-5 working days.

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