Multisensory Maths Teacher Training


Maths Australia's Online Training will equip you, the teacher, with mastery of multi-sensory strategies using just two (2) hands-on manipulatives to teach place value, time, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions & more.
Using the research & evidence-based CRA methodology, maths operations will be learnt sequentially , using "build-write-say" methodology to progress each student from Concrete (3D), to Representational (2D drawing) and Abstract (2D).
Upskill, be inspired !

DAY 1 - Focus on Place Value, Time, Addition & Subtraction.


1. X. Integer Block Kit

1. X Full Comprehensive Teacher Resources 

DAY 2 - Focus on Fractions 


1. X. Fraction Overlay Kit

1. X. Full Comprehensive Teacher Resources.

NB: Teachers who already own an Integer Block Kit or a Fraction Overlay Kit can purchase tickets without these included. All participants must have an Integer Block Kit for Day 1 and/or a Fraction Overlay Kit for Day 2 to participate in interactive training.

All teachers are welcome. There are no prerequisites to either course.


If you wish to pay by invoice, please contact us. We will send an invoice for the course amount payable within 7 days.


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