St. Augustine's Primary School
22nd Feb-1st March

This 1 Day Training will equip you, the teacher, with mastery of multi-sensory strategies to teach Place Value, Time, Addition & Subtraction.
Using just one (1) hands-on manipulative and the research & evidence-based CRA methodology, maths operations will be learnt sequentially , using our “build-write-say” methodology to progress each student from Concrete (3D), to Representational (2D drawing) and Abstract (2D).
Upskill, be inspired !

DAY ONE: We will cover research-based pedagogy & explore the importance of sequential, mastery-based multi sensory learning. You will learn to teach Place Value, Addition, Subtraction & Telling Time.

Click the link below to find out more info, or register your interest on the facebook event to keep updated.

The event is being held at and sponsored by:

St Augustines Primary School
Osburn St, Wodonga, VIC 3690

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