Homeschool 4 Real Review of Math-U-See

By Jasmine

Homeschool4Real, Math-U-See Review, testimonial

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Homeschool4Real partnered with a homeschool mum to review the Math-U-See maths program! They reviewed the structure and features of the program. In addition to taking a good look inside the books and discussing how to use them. The overview is wrapped up with the homeschool mum’s opinion of Math-U-See.

Have you used Math-U-See in your classroom? We would love to hear your review! Comment below or get in touch to share.

Are you interested in getting started with Math-U-See? Maths Australia is dedicated to sharing with you our revolutionary maths program; to giving you the tools to teach your students in a multi-sensory way, incorporating all learning styles. Get in touch with us at or give us a call on 03 8618 6968 or 08 6313 3948 (WA) to begin the journey to Maths Mastery!

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